21.8. 2016
We’re back home, basically just to change clothes and refuel… JJ
Our stay at the Kruger was out of this world. Leopards on almost every day. Even on our way out of the park we saw a leopard and a pack of lions. What a place !!!
Afterwards we stayed at Pilgrims Rest for two days visiting Blyde River Canyon and some of the numerous waterfalls.
Now we are back with our dogs, spoiling them a little before we head off again for the Kruger park in about 2 weeks time.
We are on our winter break. August was quiet and September we close every year.
We really need a good break and what better time than the windy , cold season after the stressful Sardine Run.
So for now, our vehicles are slowly coming back in the shape i like them to be. Our boats are wrapped tightly so they don’t feel the wind and the cold. After all, we have a relationship with our boats !!! JJJ
My folks are still here with us. We treasure every moment with these wonderful people. They are really old now ( 82 and 86 ) but thankfully still fit and fun.
We go for long walks with the dogs to the beach, we cook African Specialities and mother spoils me with German sausages and potato salad. Father is an expert in baking the famous German Brezel and i am an expert in eating them !!!
While we were gone, we did the odd dive with some groups from JoBurg and abroad.
Almost every dive had humpback whales on scuba besides the usual rages, black tips and hammerheads typical for this time of the year.
Early September we are off again for another 2-3 weeks. We need to recharge and get rid of all the old stress. Last week in September we will be diving the rust out of all of us and get ready for a very busy October. We hope and believe that we will be full of beans and positive attitudes again after such a healthy, long break.
One thing is for sure : if we dive with positive thoughts we see a lot more sharks and other marine animals. As if they could feel the vibe…..

12.8. 2016
We’re at the Kruger Park and loving every moment. It is so peaceful here, best place to relax. The first night we spent in Harrismith. Then we drove on to Tzaneen where we knew a lovely Boutique Hotel in a forrest retrieve. It is called Glenshiel, a magic place to stop over. Every room has an open fire place !!!
Then we came into the park and spent the first two nights at a bush camp called Shimuvini. It is right on the Letaba River with views to die for. Beulah booked 7 nights for us in September at Shimuvini when we got there. Loved it !!!
Now we are for 2 nights at Mopani Camp. Today is a rest day.
The park is dry, dry, dry. We really wish the animals and vegetation a lot of rain very soon…
The first 2 days we saw leopards. Absolutely magic. This is obviously the height of animal spotting.
Besides we saw los of elephants, kudu, waterbuck, zebras, impalas, hippos and crocs and much, much more.
Tomorrow we are moving to Letaba Camp for the last 2 nights. Then it is 2 days at Pilgrim’s Rest. We booked in at the Royal Hotel which has my most favourite Bar !!!
I might sit and chill there while the others can do the Touri stuff…
Then my sister goes via JoBurg home to Germany and we will drive back to Margate with the old folks. Mother can clean the house and father can fix the garden ….if they so wish…..???? JJJ

3.8. 2016
So, i do understand how important school is. Yes, you have to learn to write, to read and to get your arithmetic right so you won’t be cheated in later life.
What they don’t teach us though is picture hanging.
And believe it or not, this day comes. And most likely several times in everyone’s life.
My parents are arriving in Margate tomorrow so i thought, lets beautify the kitchen with a stunning picture i took in the Berg. I had it printed in sections, 1.8m x 1.2m
I start with the first piece. Magic. The second piece – struggle to line it up but i manage by knocking the screws a bit sideways. Then i drill the holes for the third piece. And suddenly an incredible fountain of hot water is spraying into my face and body. I am completely drenched. Don’t even want to see what the kitchen looks like…flooded…
I try to hold my finger over the hole but the pressure is too strong. Lucky i have a thin pen which i can ram into the hole. Beulah is opening all taps to relieve the pressure and i quickly run and shut of the mains.
Quick and desperate call to the plumber who arrives within 10 mins. Three hours later he is finished.
Hundreds of litres of wasted water, plumber’s costs probably sky rocketing ( ?? ) and my kitchen wall ? Great big hole with two water pipes visible instead of a lovely flower/mountain scene….
If i only went to picture hanging school…..