30.1. 2022

Apologies for the long wait. I could not report here for the whole month because my webmaster first had to update this entire website. This is a massive job and took a long time.

I was stressing that people would think we don’t exist anymore but as you all can see, we are still strong and keep diving Protea Banks.

And that’s exactly what we did this January. We dived almost everyday. The diving was amazing. We saw hundreds and thousands of hammerheads, we had bull sharks right in front of our cameras and faces and we were playing games with our crazy black tips.

Visibility was mostly between 20m and 30m. But after it had rained a lot inland, the river in Port Shepstone broke free and rushed its muddy water all the way to Protea Banks.  This is 8km out at sea and quite some way down south from the river mouth. For a week we were glad we had 5m vis…

But before long everything came right again

We had a Polish group who cancelled in December due to Omicron. They came now in January. So at least we did not loose all the business. At the moment Tomas from Czech is here.

Next month is traditionally a quiet month. It is our time to go to Germany to the BOOT Show but this year this expo has been cancelled due to Corona. What else !!!

I will use the time to visit my friends in the Eastern Cape Cathy and Trevor in Port Alfred.

Being busy has helped me tremendously I have to keep this up . 

Corona News

New infections yesterday : 3342  Incidence : 37.0

We don’t really hear much about Corona here anymore. The only thing which reminds us of the Pandemic is the mask wearing in the shopping centres. Yesterday we were  officially reduced to Alert Level 0
Hopefully not long now and we can burn these silly masks. ..

Roland News :

I am doing a bit better now as time is passing by. I miss Beulah like crazy but keeping myself busy with diving takes my mind off . Afterwards i meet with friends. So i am seldom alone with my thoughts. Time is definitely healing .
I am looking forward most of the time and seldom backward.

My stress levels are pretty high as i have to do two people’s jobs now. And as soon as something goes wrong i start spinning in circles. And what does not go wrong in a diving business…

It is clear that i have to get rid of some ballast slowly. I am alone now and things cannot and need not continue like before.

Let’s see what will happen in the next couple of months