6.11. 2018
My dear sister reminded me that it is already November and no sign of life from my side.
Yeah, we were busy diving, fighting against the never ending wind , and we are really busy improving our Diver Villa.
Lots of work has been done there and lots of money spent. The house is ever looking so beautiful…

The diving on Protea Banks has been great. The sea is pretty rough everyday. At the moment the pattern is 2 days diving, 2 days high and dry due to strong wind.
Since Steve last it has been and Spike who do all the work. It is fun actually.
I am getting up at 4h30 now and meet Spike at the shop by 5h45. We do all the hard physical work. I must admit, i enjoy it.
I do the dives and Spike drives the boat. Together we are the perfect team. We can handle anything.
We have easy dives and we have real tough dives. Sometimes i wonder how we get through the days without a major issue. It is fun though and feels really great when we all come home safe at the end of the day.
Protea Banks has got it !!! No place i have ever dived is so rewarding and so exciting and so challenging.
Our workday is often an achievement….