27.8. 2013
We are still in the Kruger Park and loving it. going to make it a full 14 days. We can’t understand how anybody could get bored here !!! Everyday has a new highlight, no matter how bleak it may look in the beginning.
While the windy season has started in Margate we all enjoy a our time in a different kind of nature. We have seen leopards and lions , the latter almost every day. Same for elephants, giraffes, zebra, kudu. the list goes on and on. Now after almost ten days in the park we are very spoilt.

22.8. 2013
After a successful scuba show in JoBurg last weekend we made straight for the Kruger Park on our long awaited holiday. We decided to stay 12 days inside the park which we love so much. Already on the way in we were greeted with the most stunning sights of animals and colours. The first two days we chilled properly. Slept until we woke, ate breakfast and got ready for an afternoon nap. After the nap it was dinner time and bedtime followed suit. Typical dive operator’s holiday…!!! But today we were up early and on the road by 6am.
Saw amazing sights. Twice we had lions, we saw Hyenas with 2 pups right next to our car, Elephants galore, huge herd of Buffalos, Hippo with baby on a tiny river island surrounded by peaceful crocs. Amazing !!!
Protea Banks is also on holiday. We are dead quiet and are glad to let nature find her delicate balance again. This is real winter time for Protea Banks. The weather is cold and windy and sharks as well as people need to give each other an break. Once we start up again in ernest we should be in the middle of our hammerhead season.

14.8. 2013
Today we are off to Johannesburg. We have a stand at the scuba show at the Coca Cola Dome this weekend. Good to say hello to our JoBurg divers.
After the show we are going to the Kruger Park for ten days. Looking forward to a well deserved break. I can’t imagine a more peaceful and relaxing place than the Kruger. Love it.
Maybe I should take the bait bucket with ?

13.8. 2013
One has less time if there is nothing to do…Diving has gone pretty quiet typically for this time of the year. We have actually been waiting for this. Need a break.
Now I get to do jobs which have been waiting for two years to be done !!
We mainly dive weekends these days. Last weekend was relatively calm in terms of shark sightings. Couple of Raggies and black tips. A JoBurg dive club came down to see a tigershark….sure, just come and see…any time guys !! I didn’t say anything, was just thinking it would be nice if it was this easy. So we went on a baited dive and guess what ? Yep, the tiger came.
Weekend before that was great. Tons of Raggies, lots of black tips, a manta (wow, who needs to go to Mozambique ) a tiger as well and a large school of about 80 hammerheads. Happy days, happy divers.
Three big news from African Dive Adventures
We got a new dog, a new boat and a new Divemaster . How exciting life can be…
JP was pulled out of his cushy job and moved to Nelspruit. We are very sad to loose him but what do you do if your wife gets itchy feet..!! Got to listen, mate !!!
Good, old Gregg who has been with us for years has taken over the number one position. Gregg was always our back up dm. Most popular with our divers and doing a good job. He has big shoes to fill now and so far doing great. Maybe it’s a good thing he can ease into the position gradually. I definitely like my staff to be a bit older and mature and don’t have to run a kindergarten business.
Our new boat Twilight was introduced already in June this year. It is like Avatar an eight meter duck and performs exceptionally well. Definitely by far the best boat I ever had.
And the new dog ? A poor little Transkei mutt which was at death’s door hit the big time. Beulah befriended this completely neglected animal during her time in Coffee Bay. It was no question that we would bring her home. This part of our country is hell for dogs. They don’t get fed at all there because most people have hardly enough to feed their families. So the dogs live of scraps and rubbish. Sometimes dogs form a pack and hunt other, weaker dogs and domestic animals just to survive…. Now our Smiley has more toys than the average royal child, eats three perfectly balanced meals a day and sleeps peacefully in her upmarket doggy bed…

6.8. 2013
I am still living the Sardine Run and have barely noticed that we are well into August already. Much has happened since the Sardine Run and I will report in detail tomorrow. One thing is for sure, anybody wants to experience a fantastic time in the wet and wild think quick and do the Run next year with us.
Detailed report can be seen on this news report under the July month.