Galeocerdo Cuvier frequents Protea Banks during October/November and from Feb to May
Best time is April and May

The Tiger Shark is our Apex Predator on the East Coast of South Africa.
Usually we see female tiger sharks ranging between 3m and 5m in length. ¬†Clearly recognisable, the tiger shark has his or her typical vertical stripes all along it’s body from behind the head to all the way back to it’s tail.
When seen from the front, the tiger shark has unique snares/nostrils and large, dark eyes together with a nearly square mouth

Tiger Shark on Protea Banks

Like all other sharks, a tiger shark is in no way dangerous to divers. More to the contrary, tigers are rather shy until they learn that divers pose no threat to its safety before a tiger comes really close up to divers. This is purely out of curiosity.

It is by far the ultimate shark experience in a diver’s life when he comes within an arm’s length of this magnificent creature.
It is built perfectly streamlined and as powerful as anybody can imagine.
A tiger’s main job is to clean up its environment and keep an ecological balance. Often tigers are found with all kinds of rubbish in its stomachs.


Gallery of Tiger Shark Photos :