Our new equipment room houses everything we need for diving.

It is a comfortable place where we like to sit and chat, do our courses and store our divers’ equipment.

You can try on your rental gear and use the privacy of our change room at the back to fit the best possible suit.

The following rental gear is available :
– 10 brand new 2019 Scubapro regulators
– 25 regs of various manufacturers serviced up to date
– 10 brand new 2019 Scubapro BCDs ranging from XS to XL ( all bcds have an smb )
– 10 Cressi BCDs of various sizes
– 50 neopren suits ranging from XS to XXL, male and female, from 5mm
– 70 dive cylinders sizes from 10l to 15l, steel and aluminium, DIN and INT
– Fins, Booties, Masks, Weights, Belts, Hoodies – all normally available sizes

We take special pride in the condition of our rental equipment