5.4. 2022 Corona Incidence 16.1

It has been a long time since i last wrote. I simply have either no time or no energy…
My life is a roller coaster ride, i never know if i am on top or upside down….but i will write more about this in good time.

Lately we have been diving again pretty regularly on Protea Banks. The conditions are not bad but the shark sightings were pretty weak. Until today.

Today was an excellent day , we saw on the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks 
5 Bullsharks, 4 Giant Guitarsharks.
These Guitarsharks are on the CITIES critical endangered species list. For us to see them on Protea is a massive privilege. And especially these four specimen being of serious size. Nothing under 3m +

On the Northern Pinnacle we decided to do a drift dive today without stopping in the caves. We were there yesterday to collect some teeth and knew that there are no sharks yet inside. The Raggies will be here at the end of this month.

So we encountered 2 Tigersharks, 2 Black Tips and a school of about 10 Dolphins.

Vis 20m  Current 1.5kn, weather sunny and hot, sea conditions slightly rough due to a 13kn South Wester blowing. Water temperature was 26˚ on top and 24˚ on the bottom.

Most pleasant.