We are at the BOOT Expo in Duesseldorf. Man, this place rocks. !!! At some stage on Saturday one could not see the floor in front of the stand. Just people. Wow.
Lots of interest in South Africa, Sardine Run and Sharks are definitely people pullers. We enjoy the change of scenery although the dive reports we get from our staff are outrageous. Typically when we are not there the diving can’t be topped. Thousands of hammerheads, 20 + zambezis, marlin and more.
Despite the tremendous efforts we make in promoting Protea Banks for years and years we find here at the Expo that quite a number of ” big divers ” still don’t know the true potential of Protea Banks….Maybe one day every man, woman and child has hear about the sharks of Protea Banks…..

14.1. 2014
My last dive on Protea Banks before we fly to Düsseldorf tomorrow was just another typical unforgettable experience. First baited dive was playing with the bullsharks and the second dive on the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks was world class hammerhead diving. I estimated way over 2500 sharks in the 50 minutes we were in the water, 30m visibility, 3 knot current and 26C watertemp. Beautiful !!
I am dreading to go away from here…….

12.1. 2014. Girls Extreme. May 2014
Together with the tour operator Extratour, the dive magazine TAUCHEN and us we created a trip for ladies only called Girls Extreme. We are looking for gutsy ladies who can do things and are still feminine.
We will get them to dive with Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks, Raggies and Black Tips in close proximity. We treat them to incredible food experiences, cocktails , flowers and fragrances. There will be bungy swings, grill parties in the game reserve and scary hanging bridges as well as zip line tours over mind boggling heights. We planned massages, manicures and pedicures, drinks and braais around the pool and much more. All we ask for is that every lady who wants to participate must be a qualified scuba diver with no less than 30 dives experience. Nobody will be forced to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with and safety is absolutely paramount.
For more info and bookings please contact Kirsten at : info@extratour-tauchreisen.de
All participants will be featured in the magazine TAUCHEN as well as in our local media in South Africa.
Come on over, ladies and take some unforgettable experiences back with you which will last a lifetime.
Ladies only, no men on this trip !!

11.1. 2014
Off for the weekend and end of the silly season. For us it is almost off to the big BOOT Expo in Germany. Big Expo, big job but we love it. A completely different world to ours. Today we enjoy our time with the doge, we braai and we chill in the warm summer temperature. Next week things will be different. But we are looking forward to seeing our old and new divers at the stand, eating Brezels and Bockwurst, the cosy pubs and hopefully proper snow like last year.
And the best thing is that we can leave it all behind and return to our little paradise just in time…

9.1. 2014
Great dive today. The launch was hectic with huge waves which brought the adrenalin to the boil. It took us a while to get the safe break and once we were out it was all paradise on Protea Banks. Unexpectedly we found 25m visibility and a whopping current of about 2.5kn. We steimated about 400 hammerheads, counted 7 black tips and one guitar shark. Magic dive and the old Protea Banks saying came true once again : Bad weather – Good diving

8.1. 2014
Four days no diving at Shelly Beach. First we had strong winds and the last two days killer surf. 3-4m waves were breaking into Shelly Beach and made a launch completely impossible. Today it is all back to normal. We will meet what’s left of our holiday divers at 7:00 and give it a go to the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks. Hopefully we see lots of hammerheads there…

1.1. 2014 Happy New Year
We wish all our dive friends a happy and prosperous 2014. All divers who come to Protea Banks this year we wish an unforgettable shark diving experience. Lots of sightings and lots of adventure. We are looking nice and busy throughout the year with much action on the plans :
January : BOOT Expo in Germany
February: Holiday on Kapalai
March : start of Tiger Shark Season
April : Mozambique Trip
May : Girls Extreme and super diving with Sandtiger Sharks
June : Sardine Run Coffee Bay
July : Sardine Run Coffee Bay
August : Raggies and Humpback Whales
September : Trip to Bali for Mantas, Molas and More
October: Begin of Hammerhead season
November : Hammerheads galore on Protea Banks
December : Protea Banks Diving
In a few days i will introduce our special trips in more detail. People who don’t want to come on a trip with us are welcome to dive Protea Banks with us right through the year.