30.3. 2013.
Happy Easter everyone
We wish you all a very happy Easter time.
We are pretty busy over here which is always a welcome thing. Weather could be better but the diving is really good. Specially the Baited Dives are doing it for people where the normal reef dives are not so great. Sometimes we see tigers and Zams on the reef but many times we see very few sharks. This is why we have done 27 Baited Dives just this month. Must be a record. All our divers have seen the difference in diving quality and opted for baiting pretty much every day.
Today’s conditions – similar to the whole week’s were 15m vis, moderate current, moderate winds 24C watertemp and sunny weather. We saw 3 tigers, 2 Zams and 7 black tips. Everyone smiling properly !!
The launching was pretty hectic lately. Couple of boats got into trouble, two fishing boats flipped at Shelly Beach. It really took skill on the side of the skipper to get a boat safely through the surf. Great fun too and adrenaline galore…..

22.3. 2013
Another day lost to the wind. We should not have this windy weather this time of the year, but what can we do…at least it is sunny and hot…..
Hopefully we will get a full day diving tomorrow.

21.3. 2013
Diving on Protea Banks is fantastic. The wind is giving us a hard time, we often loose the second dive. But due to the prevailing conditions we have mainly done Baited Dives as per clients’ wishes. This ensures we see sharks and experience them propely. Not much action on the reef at the moment.
We have three tigers in the area, couple of zams and lots of black tips.
Today 25m vis and a lovel 27C watertemp. 100 minutes on the Baited Dive….

17.3. 2013
Vis was down last week through relentless NE’ly winds. So the best thing was to do Baited Dives which we did every day on the request of all divers. This way we still had great dives with lots of black tips and Zams. Only the tigers didn’t want to make too much of an appearance until today. Our good old faithful pulled in and played with the divers and their cameras from the beginning to the end. She gave us all a hell of a show. With her came 2 Zams and 7 black tips. Great day.

11.3. 2013
Yeah what can i say.. today even topped yesterdays gigantic dive. Vis close to 30m. First dive was a Baited Dive. We jumped into the water and someone switched on a movie…..3 tigers, 2 zams and 4 black tips . Potato bass shot up from the depth and bliksomed into the bait ball. What a show.
Second dive Northerns. 1 tiger and 1 black tip

10.3. 2013
Best dive of the tiger season. We had our tiger for a whopping 90 minutes swimming right between the divers, playing with the bait ball and having a good look at all of us. This animal enjoyed our company, that’s for sure.
Visibility was 25m and watertemp a lovely 26C.
The good time is starting…

9.3. 2013
Today is JPs wedding day. Beulah is doing the flowers and is stressed to the hilt. We used to have a Florist 20 years ago…..
Diving this week was rather mixed. Monday we had a top day with tiger shark, 4 Zams, 5 black tips and a huge hammerhead on the bait. This hammerhead came within a meter of the divers who couldn’t believe their luck. Then the current stopped, went reverse and a relentless Northeaster brought us cold and nutrient rich upwelling. Diving went pretty average. The best thing we could do was diving the caves. So we desperately needed a proper Southwester Gale. And today is the day.
Sorry for the wedding, but we will have a top diving day tomorrow. I can already see the blue water pulling in when I stand on my balcony. Excellent.

3.3. 2013
Busy week with lots of action behind us. The sad story is that my friend Klaus passed away on Tuesday. He broke his neck at Christmas and was paralysed badly. I came to visit him Tuesday in Durban where he was in Reha and doing pretty well. Suddenly, two hours later he was gone. Beulah and I miss him terribly. Not only as a regular diver but he and his lovely wife Ingrid were very close friends of ours. These two wonderful people often kept us sane when stress wanted to run away with us….
Diving this last week was also a huge adventure. We had rough seas and crazy current, calm seas and slack current the next day . Low vis the one day and perfect vis ever since. Sharks on all dives.
Today we saw plenty of hammerheads on our normal dive plus tiger even. Zams, Eaglerays and guitar sharks. On the baited dive we had a whopping three tigers !! one zam and four black tips. 25m vis 26 C water. Lovely weather.