4.2. 2017
So after we finished in Dusseldorf we shot back to the folks in Southern Germany.
Beulah was the first to get sick, i followed suit…
The time we had at home we spent in bed, sick. Great.
On Thursday we all left home for Ausrtia. All is Beulah and i and both my parents of mid eighties.
We are on a bit of a memory tour. We visit resorts and places we used to go decades ago when we were still kids.
First stop was the amazing Alpenresort Schwarz in Obermieming.
This place we remember as a little guesthouse with squeeking stairs. Today it is a mind blowing Wellness and Sport Resort ranking with the best in Europe.
Beulah and i have worked in 5 star hotels many years ago. We love hotels and spend lots of time around the world. But this place crowns them all. No matter how critical one can be, it is almost impossible to find even a small fault with them. The owner family is slightly related to us. Three generations are involved there now and everybody cares about their guests wholeheartedly. I have never seen a resort of this size with every single employee ( 240 !! ) being genuinely super friendly at any time of day and night. Unbelievable !! I said to Beulah, see, just like me…..won’t repeat her answer….can’t win….
After a short two day stop we continued today to our next destination. The town is called Canazei. It is an old ski town in the picturesque Dolomites where skiing is at its very best.
As we arrived, the snow started to fall. Thank God because it was looking pretty bleak when it came to snow this south side of the massive Alps. But it is coming down nicely and supposed to continue tomorrow. Might take it easy tomorrow and get serious on Monday. Lucky we have a whole week here before it is time to get back to work.