24.1. 2013
The show in Duesseldorf is overwhelming . We are busy every day. The interest in Protea Banks and the Sardine Run is huge. We love it here and the best thing is when divers come to visit me . Some people go out of their way to look us up just to say hello. What an absolute pleasure it is. We are truly honoured.
Although we don’t always remember everybody’s name right away, we certainly do remember the faces and appreciate every visit whole heartedly.

17.1. 2013
We are in Duesseldorf . Must be the largest freezer in the world…the good thing is that it has snow here. Really nice and better than rain and slosh.
First thing was to eat a good old German sausage . Amazing stuff .
Tomorrow we will set up our stand at the show, ready to start on Saturday.

12.1. 2013
Amazing dives every day now. Visibility never less than 20m, today even 30. Watertemp 26 C. On our Baited Dives we have tigers, often more than one, 5 Zams And a few black tips. Yesterday the guys saw in excess of 1000 hammerheads moving past the bait. Right now we are getting ready to finish a super dive week with our last dive to the caves. Ought to be good…
And so it was. Forty odd dolphins , two Zams and five hammerheads in 30m visibility. We went through every nook and cranny, every cave and underground passage. Absolutely amazing. My favourite. And we all loved this dive…
Then it was time to say good bye to our dive friends from Potsdam. We had a funfilled week and plenty of adventure to last a lifetime…..

9.1. 2013
Good day for diving today. So we decided to do two Baited Dives. The sea was flat, warm and clean. Perfect conditions. We had tigers, bulls and black tips on both dives entertaining the divers tremendously. Much beer was flowing afterwards when the stories of today were told again and again , each time sounding better….

8.1. 2013
Yesterday we had barely 5m vis on the first dive and two hours later on the second dive we had a whopping 25m. This is Protea Banks. One just never ever knows what she throws at us.
Today we had a rough launch in a strong NE’ly. The reef was stunning, again 25m visibility but unfortunately no sharks to be seen. Such is diving….

6.1. 2013
Diving on Protea Banks stays consistently excellent. We see hundreds of hammerheads on the south side and the last three Baited Dives have produced unbelievable tiger encounters of 60-80 mins. Visibility around 25m, watertemp 25C. And summer is here !!!

2.1. 2013
The new year starts with a huge bang. Perfect visibility (30m), perfect water temperature (26C) and perfect shark sightings. We had about 500 hammerheads on the first dive and loved it !!!
Second dive could only be a Baited Dive in conditions like this. After 13 mins we had our tiger lady who stayed for the whole dive of 80 mins. And she was not too shy either. Came within inches to pretty much every diver sometime during this dive. And sure as hell brought a huge smile onto every single diver’s face…..
Zam and Black Tip about and a huge school of hammers in the background.