Giant Guitarshark

Diving with Bull sharks - Best Time : November to July

Diving with Bull sharks is essentially the same as diving with Tiger sharks. The same rules and conditions apply.
What’s different from a Tiger Dive is that on the latter one usually gets one, two or three Tigers which stay around the bait throughout the dive. On a Bull Shark Dive it is common to get from 5 to 15 animals. This makes for exciting diving for sure and is anytime as good as a Tiger Experience.
Zambezis ( = Bull sharks ) are very impressive animals. They do need a bit more time to drop their inherent caution but once Bull Sharks have completed their assessment process they allow divers right inside their sphere. This often leads to playful behaviour where such a shark can easily come within a few centimeters of a willing diver.

With the exception of a few dives during August and September divers almost always encounter Bull Sharks on Protea Banks. One can say that a Baited Shark Dive produces Zambezis almost all year round.
The good thing about a Baited Shark Dive on Protea Banks is that there are never too many Black Tip Sharks around. Two or Three Black Tips make an appearance initially but will be pushed out of the scene as soon as the Zambezi Sharks have taken over. This is another dream for any underwater Photographer.