Our Dive Masters

All our dive masters are completely familiar with Protea Banks and dive the reef exactly the way I do. This is critically important to me. It is not easy to find a small cave the size of a double garage in the middle of the ocean. Therefore excellent local knowledge of the reef is paramount. It is unthinkable that one of our leaders would miss a cave on the Northern Pinnacle or any other important spot on the reef.

Our dive briefing is very precise and informs all divers exactly what to expect. So we have to deliver !!!!
We are all well trained and experienced in any possible emergency. We actually have written protocols for any situation out of the normal. All our diveguides are familiar with them.

Roland Mauz

Our Boat Skippers

To safely drive a boat through the South African surf is not so simple. Besides the material value of a boat, the skipper has above all the responsibility of up to 12 passengers, equipment, and of course also the reputation of our business. Therefore, at African Dive Adventures we only allow a skipper to drive one of our boats if he is especially familiar with the use of such boats. To do this, the skipper needs many hours on the helm, many supervised launches and beachings, many hours topping.

Of course, any future skipper must first qualify for his patent. Then the training under supervision starts, followed by simple trips and finally difficult things.
All our passengers can rest assured that our boat crews are fully capable to do a safe and good job…
We are super careful.


We are a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort

Our Diving Training

Karen Tredger is our PADI instructor.
She has been doing this work since 1984 and has trained almost all divers in our area.
She is an ‘old fox’ in the diving scene, knows her way like no one else … !!!

Karen ( PADI )