31.10.2021 Lockdown Level 1 - Infections Yesterday 297 - Incidence 4.3

Great day today in terms of weather and diving. We were blown out the last 3 days but today, Sunday was amazing.

As we got out to the reef the water was greenish and did not look very inviting.
We went to the Playground first . Zero current and 20˚ was no problem for my new Waterproof suit. So happy.

Anyway, as we entered the water the visibility was pretty low but opened up below 10m.
We saw a number of raggies and one bull shark.

Second dive we went to the second cave on Protea North.
In the meantime the visibility improved to 20m. We tied off at the cave and everybody did what he wanted for 15 minutes. Thereafter we made our way slowly to the 10m mark to outgas.


29.10. 2021 Lockdown Level 1 - Infections Yesterday 533 - Incidence 4.3

So with our extended stay in Dubai we came home after a torturous flight – really a shit one – had one day and started diving again. 
Two dives a day and unsettled seas and it feels like i am back home.

The diving was actually really good. I have a brand new semi dry suit which definitely has changed my life. 

Visibility was mostly 20m plus, water temp 22˚ and 21˚ on the bottom which is not too bad at all.
Lots of shark sightings last week including a Blue Marlin which stayed for a happy 30 seconds with us.

We had 11 Raggies in each of the two caves. Thursday this amount increased to 30 plus Raggies in each cave. So a total of 60 – 70 Raggies on Protea Banks.

On our baited dives we had 3 Black Tips and 2 Bull Sharks. On the last baited dive we had a male bull shark. It is really nice diving with male bull sharks because they are far more curious and playful than female bulls.

We had hammerheads, a few came close enough to get a shot but the large school of 300 plus was too far away to get onto a GoPro. So it will remain printed on my memory for now.

The last two days we could not go out due to bad weather. Right now it is raining like hell and the thought of having to go diving tomorrow is everything but delightful….

The forecast is bleak for tomorrow. The Boyets from Joburg are on their way with kids and friends to dive rebreather with me. Looks like we won’t be diving on Saturday, Sunday is looking good and Monday is bad again.

We will have to wait everyday until early morning when we can see what is happening and make the decision for the day at 5am.

27.10. 2021 Lockdown Level 1 - Infections Yesterday 331 - Incidence 4.8

I see, i did not have much time and energy to write this month on my English site. I spent all my energy on the German site and every time i wrote a report i thought, i will do the English tomorrow…..

So today is ‘tomorrow’

Beulah and i were overseas for the first time since corona started. It was so, so great to be elsewhere and see different wall paper. Although i must admit, travelling is not as easy as it used to be and seeing what is going on in the world with corona as well as climate change, i expect life to become a lot different to what we know.

Masks, vaccination pass and per tests dominated the trip and cost as much as the airfares for us both !!! Serious.

Also, the airline – Emirates in our case – changed travelling times to fill their planes . Understandable. But , shit, it was inconvenient and expensive for us.

So we left Durban at 14h30 and arrived in Dubai after midnight ( local time ) . There we hung until the next plane departed at 10am the following day.
Coming back we arrived in Dubai again after midnight. This time we stayed in Town to see the Expo so we had to book the day before. On departure after 5 days we had to leave the hotel after midnight to catch the 04h00 flight to Durban. This meant, we had to pay the room for the whole day after we left. So we actually lost 2 days hotel accommodation @ 5000 bucks, Bubba. That hurt even in ZAR currency.

Nevertheless we had a lovely time in Germany, spent 4 days in magical Austria and 5 days in crazy Dubai.

Germany meant we had to look after mother. This was not always fun but a very, very long story….

Austria was a breakaway at the Schwarz Alpen Resort to give ourselves and mother a treat. It is so lovely in that place that it doesn’t matter what happens, it is always a treat.

And Dubai was our reward. Me and Beulah wanted to see the Expo 2020 and by god, it is an unbelievable event.

We are used to Expos of all sizes and natures but this one is something out of this world. We went there for two days and still did not manage to see what there is to see. Not even near.

I can give anybody interested the following advise :

The fancy hotels, like 4* and 5* are not expensive.
I recommend at least 5 days in Dubai
Stay at the Waterfront as it is pure magic there. We stayed at The Radisson Waterfront.
If you fly with Emirates to Dubai you get a free Expo ticket for a day.
If you are under 17 and over 60 you can get a free ticket for as many days as you like. All tickets are booked online and downloaded to your smart phone.
Before going to the Expo you should check a plan and decide what you wat to see. It is just too huge. 20km sq. That is 4km x 5km to give you an idea.

A stand at the Expo 2020 is not just a cubicle like we know it from BOOT or similar, it is a house if not a block of flats !!!  Countries you know the least have got the largest buildings. Unbelievable. Check the Morocco place out. Never knew Morocco had so much to offer….

So per test to go to Dubai, even if you only transit there and again per test if you go or come home to South Africa.

In Germany they asked for a vaccination card in every restaurant, beer garden, hotel, museum, hall or any public place. No vaccination card no entry. 
But in any case nobody can fly without the vaccination card. 

So if you don’t want to vaccinate, don’t even start dreaming….

Expo 2020