1.7. 2022 sardine Run Day 12 The Day of the Bait Balls !!!

I was driving with the car to park my boat away in Shelly Beach when Spike phoned me. Oh shit, usually bad news if Spike phones. Not so today. He told me they were sitting on a 2 and a half hour bait ball.

Hallelujah !!! Finally it happened. It was high time for a proper bait ball and today there were plenty. Brian and Jenny had their own huge bait ball a few kilometre up from Spike. Excellent !!!


Protea Banks :
Really nice again. Even more raggies than yesterday. We are looking at about 300 sharks on the Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks. Unbelievable. Top of the cookie are 2 tigersharks, 3 bullsharks and 3 black tips.