You have to see this !!!

31.12. 2012  
Last day, best dive. Protea Banks surely did not want to slip quietly into the new year.

We fell in the water and could count the sand corns on the ocean floor.  

Before we took the first breath we faced a huge Great Hammerhead.

Shortly afterwards a Zambezi passed us.

And barely two minutes later we saw a school of scalloped hammerheads with several hundred animals.

The dive carried on with more schools of hammerheads, we estimated well over a thousand sharks…

At the safetystop we got our Happy New Year with about 20 dolphins playing with us. One baby was seen suckling from his mother and another one still had a freshly caught tuna in its mouth. Wow.

It would have been rude not to do a Baited Dive in conditions like this.
And of course, Protea Banks delivered again. Two tigers, a zam and a black tip brought a good 2012 to a most exciting end.
We wish everybody a happy new year for 2013 and hope it will be a memorable one in the best of senses.
Thanks for reading my reports and thanks for supporting us in our business.

We can’t do it without you.

29.12. 2012
Diving on Protea Banks is once again wold class standard. Those divers who were here today could not have been in a better place. The water was so blue that the fishermen could watch as they catch a fish. Really, it was stunning.
We saw a huge tiger shark barely 5m away from us. One Zambezi, two black tips, two eagle rays and somewhere between 2000 and 3000 hammerheads.
What a fantastic way to end a great diving year.

28.12. 2012
Finally the day we have all been waiting for has arrived. Today we had 30m visibility, 26C watertemp and a gentle current. Divers saw an estimated 2000 hammerheads. Sharks just everywhere from beginning to end of the dive. It’s about time….

24.12. 2012
We from African Dive Adventures, Beulah, Roland, JP, Brian and Marley wish all our divers and readers a Merry Christmas.

22.12. 2012 or 1.1. 0001 ?
Didn’t we all know it !!!Old Nossy must have a good giggle for leading us up the garden path time and again after what? 500 years or so ? Bugger !!!
So we had nothing better to do than go for a dive.
The current was hectic. We drifted 1.5km while kitting up. 

That is including wind pushing the boat. We worked out the current to be around 3 knots. Unusually strong. Vis 12m watertemp 24C top and 22C bottom. Weather excellent. 

Only two sharks were sighted, one Zambezi and one Hammerhead.

21.12. 2012
So what is happening now with the end of the world ? It is 20h00 and still no sign of the impending disaster.
My barfridge is empty, my bank account as well ( !!! ), my staff has been fired unpaid, my boats are deflated, my wife and dogs kicked out and all bookings from tomorrow cancelled….I’m gonna be kneedeep if old Nossy has bullshitted us again !!!

18.12. 2012
Well guys, maybe the world ceases to exist after friday or i am very busy playing with lots of presents after monday. Either way i won’t have much time to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy new year so i rather do it now.
Thanks to all my colleagues, friends and clients for a great 2012 and heads up for an even better 2013. I think a lot of it depends on the angle from which we look at things….
Diving is still pretty lousy on Protea Banks, but during our safety stop we had a black marlin coming within 2m of us. He stopped, checked us properly and then slowly continued on his mission…wow…

17.12. 2012
We had a lovely dive on the Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks despite a vis of only 5m. We descended on the first cave where we found a lonely Raggie. A true priviledge at this time of the year. After a while we carried on through all the underground passages, holes and shelves , through the tunnel and slowly into the second cave. On the way we encountered 7 potato bass and a host of huge sting rays. After 15 mins we deployed our marker buoy for JP to follow us during the rest of our dive. Very, very nice.

12.12. 2012
Today was a real whopper sunny summer dive day !!! Excellent weather, warm water , not bad vis at 15m and 2 x tiger sharks came right into touching distance of the divers. Besides this we had 5 black tips and about 40 hammerheads. And good old Billybob came in for a cuddle. Lovely day we won’t forget quickly.

11.12. 2012
Good news, Protea Banks is back to its full glory.
Today we had 25m visibility, a lovely 24C watertemp and lots of sharks. On our first dive South we estimated way over 600 hammerheads. Plus 2 x Great Hammerheads, 1 x Bullshark and 1 x Black Tip. Stunning dive with schools of hammers from the beginning to the end.
Baited Dive second, good vis 1 x Bull and 2 x Black Tips

9.12. 2012
Time flies and with all the christmas preparations there is not much time left for dive reports. But to be honest, there was also not much to report lately.
Yesterday we had a good day. Although the vis was very low we had a stunning Baited Dive with 2 Zambezis and 1 Black Tip. The sharks came really close to the divers and were playful. It lasted well over 70 minutes which speaks for itself.
Afterwards we dived South and encountered a group of about 50 Hammerheads and a smaller group of 6 Hammers. Nothing shabby about this !!!
Today one Raggie in the first cave and one Hammer South…

4.12. 2012
Bad vis, few sharks and cold water. This is Protea Banks at the moment. Sure it is frustrating for us right now, but it shows us that all is well with Mother Nature. We can’t just have thousands of sharks every day.
The good news is that we have current again and this should clean the cold and nutrient rich water within a day or two. We are taking a break tomorrow and will have a look on thursday. Even so we had 3 black tips and 1 hammerhead on the Baited Dive. Lots of dolphins playing with our boat on the way to and from the reef.