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African Dive Adventures operates 4 Ribs ( ridgid inflatable boat )

With all our boats we can accommodate 40 divers at a time.Each boat is licensed for 10 passengers plus two staff. The skippers that will take you out to the reef are all well experienced and SAMSA certified.( South African Maritime Safety Authority ) These boats all carry oxygen and the relevant safety equipment like distress flares,lifejackets,spares and tools.
All boats carry a Seaworthy Certificate that is has to be renewed on an annual basis.
One boat is fitted with 2 x 85HP Yamaha outboard motors, another one with 2 x 90HP Yamahas and our two newer boats carry 2 x 100 Suzuki each.
This give us the speed and power to safely navigate our way through the surf.

All motors are kept in top mechanical condition at all times. Everytime a boat leaves the harbour, it gets fully refuelled to 100l. This is more than twice as much as needed.

Nothing is left to chance. Man and machine must always perform best

The Southern Comfort

After a stunt at Barra Lodge, Mozambique we settled back in Shelly Beach diving Protea Banks. In 2003 we had the Southern Comfort built.
A bit smaller than the other boats, therefore a bit faster and a nice wave rider.
In 2016 we fitted her with new motors which changed the whole performance of the boat.
Her 2 x 90HP Yamahas are literally shooting the boat through the surf.
As she is a bit smaller than the others we like to use her for smaller groups of 4 – 8 divers.

The Avatar

The Avatar was our first 8.2m boat. When we first got her it was huge. One extra meter of boat made a difference like day and night.
Two 2017 85 HP Yamahas ensure a safe launch and a pleasant voyage even in rough seas. The extra space makes a huge difference especially during the Sardine Run when divers are on the boat all day. Also for our Baited Tiger Shark Dive with all the bait, baiting station, cables etc the extra space is most pleasant. Divers can actually spread out, have space for drybags, towels, snacks and much more.
We have a special camera rack built which bolts on to the dive rack and accommodates any number and any size cameras including all extras.

The Twilight

The Twilight was built for us in 2015. Up until a few days ago she had 2 x 85 HP Yamaha motors which have been replaced by 2 x 100 HP Suzukis.
The new motors are four stroke engines which don’t use oil and less than half as much petrol as the two stroke engines.
This makes this boat a lot more environmentally friendly.
It started like this :
One day the Yamaha dealer phoned me and offered me 2 new motors at a ridiculous price. I had no choice but to accept his offer. When i told Beulah about it we wondered on which boat we would mount the new engines.
After a while i said to her : Two brand new engines on an old boat ? Really !!!
She agreed it was time for a new boat if she could name it.
Deal !!!

The Spitzbüble ( German slang for Naughty Boy )

One day in 2018 as we were having supper – i am thinking about the coming day – Beulah asks me : Do you think we should buy a new boat ?
I looked at her to make sure she was talking to me and immediately phoned the boat builders to order Spitzbüble before it was too late !!!

TodayThe Spitzbüble is our pride and joy. It is a lovely boat, her four stroke engines are super light on fuel.
This boat just glides through the water. No hard landing after a wave, no splashes in rough seas.