We are Rebreather friendly

To stay with the trend, Roland  purchased a Poseidon Mk VI rebreather and successfully did the course with his friend Michael from Supp-Diving, Germany.
After a few teething problems, a lot of effort and expertise by Michael Supp, we finally managed to set up our gas logistics in such a way that we can professionally operate.

– We are capable of filling oxygen cylinders with G5/8 as well as M26 x 2 valves
– We have SOFNO Sorb in stock
– We have diluent gas cylinders for rent
– We have oxygen cylinders with both valves, G 5/8 and M26 x 2 for rent
– We have Bail Out cylinders with rigging kit for rent
– We have enough capacity and boats to allow rebreather divers to dive with fellow rebreather divers and thus get the maximum use and enjoyment out of their expensive equipment. No mixed diver boats !!!

Common spare parts can be couriered down from Johannesburg within 24 hours.
Rental rebreathers can easily be organised.

Diving Protea Banks in total Silence – the ultimate Shark Adventure

Fish don't swim away & Sharks come even closer

Tiger Shark
Tiger Shark