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28.9. 2013
Sardine Run 2014:
Bookings for the Sardine Run 2014 are moving fast. We have one boat already fully booked and are planning to use a second boat. Two boats can go well together without creating a problem to each group. People who are interested in the Sardine Run next year should not hesitate too long. Like everywhere in life, last minute bookings get left overs..
Two days ago I have updated my Sardine Run section on my website. It is very informative with tons of photographs.

25.9. 2013
We have another quiet week until divers arrive again. This time we get all our admin in order, at least we try. I just updated our Sardine Run page on the website. Looks great now and has a lot more info.
Saturday Stefan Popp arrives. It must be the 6th or 7th time that Stefan is here. I mention him here because he is an amazing guy. He has a connection to nature which is unusual. Last year he did not hesitate to help hands on freeing a trapped tiger shark from a steel cable. And Stefan has the luck. Whenever he comes to Protea Banks we see the most amazing stuff. We are all looking forward to spending a week with him. He is positive and happy, and it spills over….

20.9. 2013
Although we have been diving Protea Banks everyday this week, there wasn’t all that much excitement to report, visibility is pretty murky, just about reaching ten meters. Water is cold @ 21C. In the first cave we have three Raggies at the moment, on our Baited Dives we see anything between 5-10 Black Tips. The best part is the whale activity. We hear them going crazy under water. It sounds just like on a cow-farm. Above water they are breaching, hopping, playing with their tails, rolling around and simply enjoy the good life…

15.9. 2013
There is some drama on Reunion Island which is a small place under French ” protection ” not far from Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. After a couple of shark encounters the fishermen and surfers have managed to get the French Government to agree to a shark slaughter of 90 Bullsharks and 90 Tigersharks. They are disguising this as ” research ” and are telling the world they want to see if shark meat is edible. This is pretty much the same kind of research the Japaneese are doing with the whale killing in the Antarctica. Every child knows that shark meat is saturated with heavy metals which are unfit for human consumption to a degree that it can be downright poisonous. Apparently 400 odd people died recently on Madagascar eating shark meat…. So either the French government thinks we are stupid or they really haven’t heard yet that sharks are not edible. Either way , we need to tell them. I am posting a link to the petition which is actually managed by Seasheppards. They will also answer everybody who signed the petition.
By helping our friends in Reunion we indirectly help ourselves in South Africa. The distance between South Africa and Reunion is nothing for a tiger and a bull. And it is quite possible that our tigers go to these Indian Ocean islands when they leave here after their season on Protea Banks.

14.9. 2013
After an entire month on dry land we are finally diving again. We had plenty to do during our quiet period such as going to the scuba show in JoBurg, holiday in the Krueger Park, catching up with piles of work and chilling in bad weather.
This weekend is a dream time concerning diving and weather conditions. Clear skies with 27C air temp, completely calm seas full of sharks and whales, 20m visibility 21C watertemp and a whole lot of good time.
Today we saw 9 Raggies in the caves, schooling hammerheads about 200, schooling Duskies, some Black Tips and even three Giant Guitarsharks.
We all commented on what a stunning day it was…..

5.9. 2013
I heard on the radio today that most tour operators have cancelled all bookings for Egypt due to on-going unrest. This is sad for Egypt fans but I have great news for everyone : SOUTH AFRICA is a fantastic alternative.
We have just about everything one can wish for in this country. Plus we have complete peace here. But the best is, our currency has dropped by a whopping 35% in the last six months. 1 ZAR = 16.05 GBP or 13.5 Euro
This means your holiday has just become one third cheaper !!!!
Everyone can take advantage of this incredible situation by booking and paying now and arriving whenever you like. This year, next year or even later. As soon as your money has been received here, your price and booking is guaranteed and won’t change. For example you can book and pay for the Sardine Run 2014 now. Our standard package costs R. 21000.- per person. This Rand amount will not change. At today’s exchange rate it translates to GBP 1308. Last year you paid for the same GBP 1750