Playground is a fantastic reef which we have added to our Protea Banks Dive Sites since 2010. A fisherman friend Wayne De La Hunt gave us the coordinates for a check dive. After the first dive we were hooked on Playground. It took us only a few more dives to work out a route which can blow your mind….
This place is unbelievably beautiful. It has the most bizarre rock formations such as a rock which resembles a whale’s fluke, another one a whale’s tail which seemingly sticks out of the ocean floor. There is a clown’s head, a corkscrew and a swim through cave.
Absolutely stunning !!!

The Canyon
The Shot Hole
The Cork Screw

The dive usually begins at the canyon, passes the whale rocks, clown’s head, corkscrew and ends with a descent into the cave from where divers emerge at the bottom again. This usually takes care of most of the bottom time. After the cave divers ascend slowly into midwater and make their way up.
Some of our regular divers believe firmly that the Playground is THE best divesite on Protea Banks. One can see everything or nothing at the Playground. This April divers had countless Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks. On one occasion a Great White was spotted in the distance.

Dive Time 40 minutes
Bottom Time 13 minutes
Average Depth 24m
Maximum Depth 39m

The Whale Tail