Last chance to join us on our Mozambique Trip. Starting 8.4. Still space available

24.2. 2013
Today I am honoured to welcome Walti Guggenbuehl to African Dive Adventures. Walti practically invented scuba diving, dives since 1957 !!! and even taught Hans Hass to dive. Hans Hass is the German counterpart of Jacques Cousteau. Real big deal ! So Walti and his best friends are pulling in today and I am just hoping to show them Protea Banks at its best. Like it was today. On our Baited Dive we saw 2 tigers, 3 zams, 5 black tips, 1 hammerhead and a school of barracudas. Wow, wow. And all this in 25-30m vis and lovely 26 C water. Picture book stuff, really !!!

23.2. 2013
Diving in the last couple of days was alright. Not great but also not bad at all. We didn’t have a lot of sharks on our normal reef dives. Our Baited Dives however were consistently good. Each Baited Dive had at least one tiger, some two tigers. Zambezis were around although they kept mainly to the deeper levels. The old black tips are always put here and getting more and more cheeky . But it is still great fun to dive with them. Today the vis improved from the average 15 m to a lovely 25m
Watertemp is a whopping 27C. It is such a pleasure to fall into this lovely warm and clean water. Wow.
We did a Baited Dive and had one tiger, three Zams, four black tips, one hammerhead and a school of barracuda. Not too shabby !!

18.2. 2013
Rough sea but stunning diving. 25m visibility. We saw about 120 Hammerheads, 1 Zambezi , 2 Black Tips, 2 Eaglerays …current is flying. The boat drives so we can even see the wake and yet we don’t move forward at all according to the GPS …
We got bashed about today, but it was great and we loved it.

17.2. 2013
Back on my upper level balcony now drinking a well deserved Savanna or two.
Diving today was spectacular. We did the caves on the first dive. Those who know diving the caves on Protea Banks know what a beautiful and rewarding dive this is.
We had 25m vis, 25C water-temp and a screaming current. Huge fun for those who can handle this. Second dive was a Baited Tiger Shark Dive. I promised the guys yesterday that we will do everything possible to get a tiger shark today. If necessary we would pull out the bait and start up to three times. But thanks to Protea Banks this wasn’t necessary. Got the tiger straight away. Joined by 4 zambezis and 4 black tips we had a dive which only people understand who did this before. These sharks were cool with us and came within centimetres from us. We were just allowed to join them all at a huge under water party today…..what a privilege.

16.2. 2013
Had a very busy week and got chucked right into the deep end from day one. So we were all looking forward to a free weekend. Pretty jovial in the Fishermen Pub at Shelly Beach when suddenly the free weekend walked out the door…in other words , a couple of Estonians walked into the pub and wanted to dive with sharks this weekend. What a pleasure ! We don’t have to stay at home !!! Yeah !!
The diving has been good the whole week but today was excellent. Weather pretty miserable with plenty of rain but no wind, watertemp 25C, visibility a good 20m , current 2kn. and the sea was a bit unsettled. First dive we saw 80 hammerheads and 4 giant guitar sharks. The hammers came nice and close to us. Some big buggers. Second dive was a Baited Shark Dive. Within three minutes we had a tiger.
Went in and did 67 mins. We had tiger, bull and two black tips. Magic.

8.2. 2013
We’re on our way home now, sitting in the fast train and just heard that there is a two hour delay. Great. Our three weeks in Germany was amazing and a rich experience. The Messe was crazy, then Burladingen with the folks, Oberstdorf skiing , back in Burladingen and now en route to the end of the world.
Thanks once again to everybody who made the effort to visit us at the Boot in Duesseldorf. We do appreciate it. We don’ just come to the show to meet new clients and new business but a large part of our coming here is to see old divers again and talk about the good times they had with us. Unfortunately there is not always enough time to chat to everybody properly, but I do know that everyone understands this.
One of the greatest experiences we had here was the snow. From arrival to departure we had snow. And lots of it. Loved watching snow falling, loved shuffling snow, loved waking up to more and more snow. This is something I really miss after 24 years in Africa…
And now while we are preparing ourselves to a life in a swimming costume, good old JP and Karen are reporting unbelievably amazing dive conditions.
Visibility of 35m, watertemp of 25 C they saw a huge tiger, a great hammerhead and a pod of dolphins on the normal dive. Second dive was a Baited Dive with 3 tigers, 3 Zams and 4 black tips.
That’s me from Germany, see you in sunny South Africa.

7.2. 2013
While Beulah and I are busy shuffling snow – and he’ll, there is no end to it, JP , Karen and the guys back on Protea Banks are reporting stunning dives.
Yesterday in clear vis and warm water 27 dolphins and today they saw a tiger and a great hammerhead. Wow.
We’re on our way back to South Africa tomorrow. Time to get home after an eventful time in Germany. We loved every moment here.

3.2. 2013
After a hectic time at the Boot Show we take a break in the mountains. We love nothing more than a real winter landscape. When we arrived at Oberstdorf it was raining away the last bit of snow. Oberstdorf is such a great place that it is not difficult to spend a couple of days in town even if it rains. But it wasn’t going to be too bad. Friday we skipped skiing and took it easy. That night I listened to the falling rain on our bedroom window. All night until the noise was gone. I got up at 4:00 and had a quick look outside. It was snowing like he’ll !!! This is what I was dreaming of. Snow and more and still carrying on. Absolute magic.
Father and I went skiing the last two days. The old man, 82 is still master of the slopes and I …well, I follow and take a bit of strain….