30.12. 2020 Lockdown Day 279 Level 3 Yep, we have gone up to level 3 again since Midnight Monday.  Our infection rates are hovering between 8000 and 14000 a day. There are 220 countries and territories in the world and South Africa has to have the new, super spreader variant of Covid !!!Can you believe […]


25.11. 2020 Lockdown , what Lockdown ??? Jou, longtime since i last checked in here. We had a lot to do in the last two weeks. Both weekends we had groups of JoBurg divers. Of course we are a bit rusty so we needed to do quite a bit of preparing and planing to make […]


Tested and 100% Covid Free Yep, everything comes to an end. And so is Vicky and Tino’s great holiday with us as well as access to South Africa by German citizens…All the bookings i had for the rest of the year were wiped out in one wooosh.Goddamn Corona !!! Vicky and Tino stayed with us […]


10.9. 2020 Lockdown Day 168 Level 2 One of those days again !!! So we are keeping the boats at the Diver Villa where they stand under the massive tree. The one we use currently is parked on top by the garages. First we started with the smaller boat, the Southern Comfort. Then we swapped […]


In Memory of Erich Ritter 30.8. 2020 Lockdown day soandso Beulah and i woke up this morning to the sad news that our friend, colleague, mentor and client Erich Ritter has passed away. Erich has given his whole life for the protection and science of sharks. Not seldom did he end up in hot water […]


25.7. 2020 Lockdown Day 122 Sardine Run 2020 Indeed, it’s been almost two weeks since my last post.Since we have been in the lockdown and practically no longer work properly, time is going around much faster than usual.My mother calls me every Sunday and just put the phone on the hook and then it’s time […]


27.6. 2020 Lockdown Day 93 Another lazy day in the life of a stranded dive operators comes to an end. Today was a fabulous day. We got up late for a champagne breakfast.Then i had to quickly repair a leaking pool for a client. Luckily it was a quick five minute job. Just replacing a seal. I trust […]


30.5. 2020 Lockdown Day 65 So, from Monday we are moving into phase 3This means, almost all people have to go back to work.Funny how these days this is something we are happy about…I keep on remembering how so many people were looking forward to 2020.A lot of folks had a shitty 2019…what do we […]


25.4. 2020 Lockdown Day 30 On midnight Friday we entered in our lockdown week 5.Our lockdown system has been categorised into 5 phases.Full lockdown as we have it is phase 5. From next Friday, 1. May we will enter into phase 4 which is essentially the same…This time there is no time limit which makes […]


]  30.3. 2020 Lockdown Day 4The first 4 days flew by. If time continues to pass that quickly, i am afraid i might loose out on my forced holiday..So far it was really not much more than a long weekend.But we still have 17 days ahead of us.We spend much time in front or near […]