19.8. 2018
We have been very quiet this month. In the beginning we had our last big business before our winter break. Now we are busy packing our cases for our epic trip.

Tomorrow we are out of here. First to Thailand for a couple of weeks, then to Germany to visit my parents and do a quick dive show in the South and on the way home we stop over in the Red Sea for a ten day dive holiday.
About two weeks ago i came up the driveway to our Diver Villa and found 2 little puppies sitting there in the corner. Too sweet for words, very timid little creatures. I could see by their legs that they are a large mixed breed of dog and must be still very young.
I took them into my car and drove the neighbourhood flat asking everybody i could see if they know who could possibly own them. To no avail. We put photos on the internet, phoned the local SPCA and took them to our vet for vaccination before taking them home….
As nobody claimed these poor dogs we decided to keep them, together with our already 3 dogs. This makes them 5 now…
We had them sterilised and chipped , bought extra puppy food and toys and the doggies are now at home in our house.
After a few skirmishes with the older ones in the beginning i can say now, they have been accepted. Just now they ruined our bedroom when playing all together.
They are causing absolute chaos, a huge mess and total mayhem.
There are barely five minuted when we can chill without jumping up and looking where they are and what they break.
But it is also a lot of fun with them. We love the new company. Luckily we are not working these days and have the necessary time to look after them.
But as i said, tomorrow we are leaving. Our endless trip was booked long before the new arrival. If we could, i think we would have cancelled our holiday and stayed. But i think we really need this break for our own sanity and maybe the dogs will also calm down a lot when we are gone. It looks as if they all get excited when we are at home and as soon as we are in town there is peace in the house.
May there be peace and happiness for the next 7 weeks….oh dear, oh dear….