26.2. 2022

First entry this month means it has been quiet here at African Dive Adventures. This is not a problem as i had more than enough to do. Since Beulah died life has been hectic for me. Running around, doing everything on my own. Not exactly what i could call fun…

We did a couple of dives this month. Some were smashing, others nothing much to report about. The best dive this year was on Friday 18.2.
The vis was 25m to 30m. Scalloped hammerheads non stop. We estimated about 1000 – 1500 animals. 
Watertemp was 27˚ on top and 25˚ on the bottom. Most pleasant.

The tigershark season is officially open on Protea Banks.

Two days ago our people did a Baited Shark Dive and after a short wait a 5m tiger pulled in on the bait and stayed for about 7 mins. Joined by 9 Bull sharks and 11 Black Tips as well as a school of hammerheads and one Great Hammerhead. This was certainly a memorable dive for all involved and opened our tiger season .

Hopefully we will see many more tigers from now until the end of May.

Corona News

Yesterday we had 2111 new infections . Our incidence is at 24.7
The country is on Alert Level Zero.

So yes, Corona is really not our problem at this stage. !!!