19.9. 2018 Second Phase of our trip
Last Saturday we arrived from Thailand via Dubai in Munich. As we got there late, we stayed at the Novotel at the airport. After a hefty breakfast wit 2 Weisswuerste, Brezel and all the good German specialities we drove to Burladingen to stay with my parents. The weather was and still is absolutely perfect. Our short stay with the old folks was so, so nice. Mother cooked only the best and father specially baked his world class bezels for us. We could have stayed there forever…
Today, Wednesday, we drove to Friedrichshafen where we participate at the InterDive scuba show for the first time.
We set up our stand today and are looking forward to a quick and happy weekend show..
First time in 10 years that we see Germany in summer again. And we love it !!!
Let’s hope this expo is successful.

14.9. 2018
With teary eyes we left Paradise Koh Yao this morning after breakfast. 21 days of total bliss, total relaxation, peace and quiet. This place does indeed deserve its name of Paradise.
We had a chalet with a little swimming pool almost on top of the hill overlooking the magnificent beauty of this bay. To be exact, it lay 86 steps up on the hill. This steps were hectic. At first especially. As time passed, they seemed to become shallower ? At least i breathed less hard after a while when i ran up several times a day.
Although this resort borders a thick jungle, we never saw a single scary animal.
On the other hand, we loved to be awoken by amazing birdsong, we were accompanied by countless butterflies , saw huge leguanes, monkeys, frogs and a whole lot of other peaceful inhabitants of this paradise.
Our view upon waking up was breathtaking to say the least.
Our days passed fast by doing as little as possible. We went for breakfast, then to our loungers on the beach. Our side of the beach was mostly empty of other guests. We were reading a lot, talking, swimming, bathing, sun tanning. Just what you do when you chill…
The food in this place was unbelievable. Every single meal we had blew us away. It is the Thai food which is world famous of course, but probably most expertly prepared by the amazing staff at Paradise Koh Yao that left such a huge impression with us.
Man, that food was unreal….!!!!
Apparently we hit the record length of stay at this resort and yet, it was not long enough for us.
One day we went on an island hopping trip. We had to make this effort to see a little bit more of this unique scenery. The sandstone islands which are standing around everywhere are unbelievable. The boat trip was spectacular and allowed us lots of great photo opportunities.
Got come back here…

Great books to read
Terry Hayes – I am Pilgrim ( A spy adventure story. Nice and easy read )
Omarosa Manigault Newman – Unhinged ( About Donald Trump and the chaos in the White House. Autobiography )
Dana Stabenow – Silk and Song ( Adventure story of 14 century traders in China, Mongolia, Persia . Absolutely fantastic book )

1.9. 2018
Since 10 days we are now in Paradise Koh Yao. It is truely a paradise here.
A magnificent beach resort hacked out of impenetrable Jungle . We’ve seen some weird animals so far, but thankfully not the scary buggers …yet…
Our room is up on the hill overlooking this beautiful bay. Absolute brilliant.
It does come at a bit of a price though…
Besides the actual costs which I don’t want to know , let alone mention, to get to the room we have to climb 86 stairs.
Sounds easy ? Not if you have to climb them 4-5 times a day. But we see it from the sporty side and I am sure, by the end of this holiday we will not may be completely relaxed but also ready to climb Mount Everest !!!
We spend our days doing exactly what we always wanted to do on the perfect holiday : absolutely nothing.
We drop our towels on the loungers to reserve them, go for a lavish breakfast and then lay flat and read, swim, plunge around, talk and…don’t know what else…nix.
As we always forget something, it is up to me to travel up the 86 huffing and puffing. My Garmin Computer and Activity Counter gives me the GOAL signal usually long before midday.
Today we had a surge of energy and decided to take a canoe out. As we climbed in the sky got pitch black and it looked as if all hell is going to break loose. I wanted to postpone for another day,but Beulah pushed on.
So we paddled along the rugged coast of this island when barely ten minutes into the trip we got a proper monsoon wash from the skies above. Jeez, it was hectic.
We found a cave in which we could manoeuvre the boat and waited the downpour out.
How nice !!
Barely twenty minutes later it was all over and our expedition carried on. This place is incredible in its beauty.
In just over two hours we were back and totally exhausted from all the paddling.
I am sure, my Garmin’s activity goal for the next five days is met !
We lay on the beach, drifted on my smb, had a small lunch and are now sitting next to our mini pool on our magnificent veranda with it’s Million Dollar View.