17.11. 2021

My boys reported todays dive. Another cracker dive like it can only, only be on Protea Banks :
Excellent visibility, warm water

1 x Great Hammerhead
2 tigers
16 Bullsharks
13 Black Tips
8 schools of hammerheads !!!!

15.11. 2021

I am sitting in Durban in the hospital holding my Beulah’s hand from 7am until 7pm everyday.

In the meantime old Spike is holding up the fort and doing a tremendous job. I am so chuffed about him doing so well . Nothing is too much for him.

He phones me once or twice a day and lets me know what is going on as well as giving me the dive report.

And this one was another amazing report.:
Visibility top to bottom = 30m+
Current 1.5kn
Watertemp 24˚ all the way
Sightings South : 6 schools of hammerheads => a hammerhead school normally consists of 250 to 350 animals !!!
Bull sharks, Black Tips
North Pinnacle : lots of Raggies in the caves and more hammerheads.

It really was a magical day on Protea Banks

13.11. 2021

We did two dives today on Protea Banks. First dive was North where the divers found 15 raggies in the caves. As they carried on they suddenly saw a smallish tiger shark. Bull shark and black tip . 

Visibility was only 10m and the water was warm at the surface 24˚ and cold on the bottom 19˚

Second dive was South. There was hardly any fish around probably due to slack current and cold water. When Renier turned around at some stage he had a massive female tiger shark barely 2m away from himself and the group. No hammerheads today.

9.11. 2021

No diving today due to strong  South Westerly wind. Water is looking lovely now.

8.11. 2021

Diving on Protea Banks has lately been unbeatable. Really good visibility 15m to 25m, average current 1.5kn and always unsettled sea.
Under water however, it is raging with life.

Dave from Urban Dive and his group who all have been here a number of times are over the moon. Hammerheads, Bull sharks, Tiger shark and Black Tips not to forget the Raggies.

In fact, Dave – dive centre owner with experience – reckons this is the best diving he had ever done. Very cool to hear.

So apparently the hammerheads are all over Protea. It is the right time !!!

On a Private Note :

An unthinkable tragedy has come into our lives. My love of my life, Beulah has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Brain, spreading in both lungs as well as liver.
It came suddenly without any warning whatsoever. Like this it has hit us hard.

I don’t know what still can be done for Beulah or how much time she might have left. But we will do everything and anything possible to give her a fighting chance.

I am too devastated to think straight