We wish everybody a Merry Christmas 2019
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22.12. 2019
The old Christmas is moving towards us at a rate of knots. Unstoppable...
But for the first time in my life, i am organised. Oh Yes !!!
I got all my presents done. ( actually, i only needed one for Beulah...)
But with this in the bag i am looking forward to Wednesday with confidence.
Or was it Tuesday ?
Will have to check again.....

The weather here is warm, then hot, then cold. Bit of this and bit of that.
The diving was spectacular until the beginning of the week. Then it went sour for 4 days and since today it is magic again.
We had 20m vis, 500+ hammerheads, 5 black tips and 4 guitar sharks today.
On the Northern Pinnacles of Protea Banks the raggies have disappeared.
This is supposed to happen. Between end of November and mid December they are normally going north before they take the Agulhas Current back home to Port Elizabeth by February.
So for the first time in many years the raggies have stuck to the rules. They arrived on time last week in April and left on time mid December.
I like that !!!
Our business is typically for this time of the year pretty slack.
By rights we should be closed but we play around.
If i have nothing better to do i go diving. Nothing wrong with that.
Naturally i make sure i have nothing better to do.
I was looking forward to my friend Supp's visit so we could dive on rebreather together. As he tried to set up his machine he had a faulty sensor on his electronic unit.
This left me alone with the old bubble killer and sure as hell i am loving it.
I think i'll be sticking to my rebreather again for a while
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Look at Martin's eyes !!!
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11.12. 2019
It is 10h30 pm and i am still working. Normally i would be sleeping this time of the night, but today was an exciting day and i am still revving from one of my best dives ever.
I left home this morning at 6am in strong rain. It is still raining now...brrrraww
When you have to go diving in rain and cold, you are simply not damn happy.
You wish, you had learnt another job in a warm and dry office, but....
So i dragged myself to the harbour. Two boats today. great
I guided the German group. Naturally.
We went to the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks first.
Great dive there. Vis was 20m, current a healthy 1.5kn water temp 20˚C bottom 23˚C top half
We saw about 200 - 300 hammerheads, 4 zambezies and 9 guitar sharks. Really nice.
Only 6 of the 10 divers signed up for the second dive.
If it wasn't for my German compatriots there is no way i would have done the second dive.
But i can't get weak. No place for sissies here.
We decide to dive the Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks.
Spike drops us 150m over the cave and we get down onto the perfect spot.
7 raggies are still mingling around in the first cave. After a while we go via the tunnel to the second cave. As always, this is just a magic dive.
Water temp has dropped to 19˚C and this bites !!! Therefore the vis improved to a bad 25m
After 15 mins we leave the second cave ad start drifting. A minute later we saw the first school of hammers. Then the second, now the third, the fourth.....the, it did not stop.
Hammers wherever we looked. Thousands of them. Unbelievable.
One school of hammers saw us and came shooting toward us at full speed. Never saw anything like this before.
Ou man, this was unbelievable !!! Shortly before us they veered off.
We had sightings like never before. hammers close, hammers closer and even better.
For a good 30 mins we saw one school after another.
And they all came from South to North
They were not circling us, they were simply so, so many sharks.
I cannot remember ever having seen so many. Take that !!!
My estimate is an easy 3000 - 4000 animals. Most likely more.
And i did not bring my camera !!!!!!!!!!!
But Martin did and he had an amazing encounter with a tiger shark on his baited dive.

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10.12. 2019
It is always Christmas. No matter when i look at the old calendar, it is Christmas.
One Christmas follows the next and the gaps are clearly closing.
I just hope, Beulah will come up with a decent present this year !!!
She will be over the moon....

Two weeks since i wrote last. Lots happened but nothing is very interesting.
I had to run around sorting out my new MPA permit for diving Protea Banks.
We had to run around applying for a new German visa for Beulah.
Getting the shop ready for Christmas season
Sorting out all our broken equipment like tractor, Toyota, caveatting boat etc
The day starts early here. At 4h30 it is already light. Love it.
But somehow there don't seem to be enough hours in the day despite the longer daytime hours.
We did a bit of diving which was excellent. Good visibility, amazing shark sightings.
Sunday we did some baited dives with Claudia and a couple of Polish divers.
We gt a tiger and 6 zams.
Absolutely magic. These were all male Zambezi sharks. We see male sharks very, very seldom.
And these boys wanted to play with us. I was in my element. Loved every minute.
The photos talk...

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