© copyright by African Dive Adventures
© copyright by African Dive Adventures
1.8. 2019
I am in Germany on a very sad mission.
My dad, my hero and my anchor in my stormy life has died.
He came home from a party and developed terrible stomach pains. Sometimes in the early hours my mother had to call an ambulance which took him to the hospital.
After days of ups and downs it became clear that i had to rush home.
Beulah walked into the house after six weeks of Sardine Run in Coffee Bay and i walked out of the house the next day.
We managed to have dinner together.
I came to Munich on 24.7. and drove straight to the hospital in Albstadt.
My dad was in a bad way.
From having problems... to stabilising... to going backwards... to standing a really good chance of heart attack . This messed up everything.
The doctors said, he needs a miracle.
When i saw him he was on morphine but he was in a happy place. He opened his eyes every few minutes only to fall back into the drug"s blissful effect.
I am sure he knew of my presence although he could not communicate.
We stroked him and spoke to him and told him how much we loved him....
The next day we were called by the hospital to come fast.
We got there at 8am and barely 20 minutes later his soul escaped straight into the mountains of Austria, Switzerland and Italy...
He loved the mountains all his life.
Although my father was 88 years old, he was fit and happy all the time.
He loved nature, he loved working , he loved life.
Last February we went cross country skiing together which he did every single day during last winter.
My dad was a very special man.
He received the Cross of Honour of the Republic of Germany for being heavily involved in his community.
He had several honorary memberships in diverse clubs and organisations.
My dad was a diplomatic person who always knew the right thing, who never lost his composure and who never raised his voice.
For 35 years i have to hear from Beulah that she wishes i was just a little bit like him...
Sorry Beulah, there is only one Balthasar Mauz
Our life will never be the same again....that's for sure.
But the show must go on

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