Welcome to African Dive Adventures, Welcome to Protea Banks
If you want to dive with sharks, want to see them close up and want to feel their presence in your veins ,

then you are at the best place you can imagine.

Please take note : for diving Protea Banks you have to be AOWD qualified with a minimum of 30 dives.
This will guarantee your sheer diving pleasure....

Come inside and see what we do

We encounter :

- Tiger Sharks
- Bull Sharks
- Great Hammerheads
- Scalloped Hammerheads
- Sandtiger Sharks
- Oceanic Black Tip Sharks
- Dusky Sharks
- Bronze Whaler Sharks
- Giant Guitar Sharks
- Manta Rays
- Eagle rays
- Barracudas
- Humpback Whales
- Marlin
- Sailfish
and more.....
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You can reach us on our mobile on +27 82 45678 85 or e-mail: roland@afridive.com
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African Dive Adventures has been diving on Protea Banks, a world renowned shark-diving reef of the East Coast of South Africa (Kwazulu Natal) since 1994

If you are an experienced diver and would like to enjoy the thrill of spectacular diving with sharks, then you have arrived at the right address !!

We offer responsible fun diving for divers who like to be treated as adults.
With us you will be given a lot of underwater freedom to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

We will guide you professionally and safely on our reef and let you interact with our sharks and other marine animals without coming to harm.

We believe in ECO-Tourism and ECO-Education and our mission is to fight for the conservation of Protea Banks, the inshore reefs and their inhabitants such as the sharks, the dolphins, the whales and all the other creatures down the line.
It is also part of our mission to give each and every diver from near and far the best and safest possible diving experience on Protea Banks.

You will never be asked to look after a weaker buddy and you will never have to watch a beginner diver learning how to dive.

Come and experience the thrill of diving with wild sharks in their natural environment.........
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Divers on Protea Banks need a Scuba Diving Permit !!!
Since 1. August 2019 Protea Banks has finally been declared a Marine Protected Area ( = MPA, National Park )
For us and the marine animals this was the greatest event in our entire career.
All sharks are protected now and with them over 80 species of marine animals and marine birds according to the CITIES List of endangered species.

Every diver must now carry such a license on the boat ( !!! ). It is available at every post office or in our shop.
We have licenses valid for one month at a cost of ZAR 50 once off.
This license is valid and required in almost every dive centre in South Africa.
So it is a small price to pay for a whole lot of diving
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