31.12. 2018We finished the year with two Lenker dives on Protea Banks. The first was on the Southern Pinnacle where we only saw one Zambezi shark.As we had almost no current, we decided there is no way without diving the Northern Pinnacle.And it was as always a brilliant dive.The water had a mean thermocline from […]


6.11. 2018My dear sister reminded me that it is already November and no sign of life from my side.Yeah, we were busy diving, fighting against the never ending wind , and we are really busy improving our Diver Villa.Lots of work has been done there and lots of money spent. The house is ever looking […]


29.10. 2018We have had a great weekend with great summer weather. Since we had no divers we were at home all the time and enjoyed every minute.I took my dear animals to the beach, what could be nicer than the great luck with the four-legged family to soak up the freedom and peace on the […]


19.9. 2018 Second Phase of our tripLast Saturday we arrived from Thailand via Dubai in Munich. As we got there late, we stayed at the Novotel at the airport. After a hefty breakfast wit 2 Weisswuerste, Brezel and all the good German specialities we drove to Burladingen to stay with my parents. The weather was […]


19.8. 2018We have been very quiet this month. In the beginning we had our last big business before our winter break. Now we are busy packing our cases for our epic trip. Tomorrow we are out of here. First to Thailand for a couple of weeks, then to Germany to visit my parents and do […]


Sardine Run 2018 July 1.7. 2018 Sardine Run Day 12 Bait Balls And the show is going on. Crazy how it works. We can almost detect a pattern.2 days crazy, 2 days calm, 2 days crazy.Beautiful.Many are asking, is the sardine run finished after the amazing action we already had ?Not a chance, man !!! […]


Sardine Run 2018 June 5.6. 2018 It is that time of the year again when we go out looking for adventure. Yes, the Sardine Run is about to happen.We had a few days break and used the time to take 2 boats down to Coffee Bay.Adventure caught up with us very quickly….We left our warm […]


29.5. 2018For the last ten days we had two divers from Berlin. Everyday we went out to Protea banks and did two dives. Almost always we did a two-tank-dive which i don’t like at all. But it is more economical if we only have a few divers.On the first day, one of the guys got […]


30.4. 2018At 3h30 my alarm went off this morning.Now it is almost time to go to sleep. The days are long but filled with excitement. At 5am we went to fetch our boats at the yard. Four serious 4x4s drove along the dark roads and picked up 4 boats.It was a great feeling !!!We got […]


29.3. 2018I am cooked. We work like hell. Every single day and no break in sight. Business is excellent , so I can’t complain. Last week we had three boats going out twice a day with a group of fun loving JoBurgers and a group of really nice Singaporeans.Those Singgaporians were great. half of them […]