19.10. 2019I know, i quickly have to pull finger before the month is gone…Will start with news from Protea Banks, afterwards private stuff for those who are interested.We have left South Africa on 1.10. and are currently in Germany. So we depend on our infos from our staff who are in touch with us vis […]


29.9. 2019Yep, i am lazy !!!It is after all still holiday time for us. We worked like hell towards this treat of being off for 3 months.August, September and October are ours to do with whatever we feel like. Yes !!And how we enjoy this time !!!Around 6h30 the sun wakes me up. The dogs […]


30.8. 2019We are back at home.Our Nile Cruise was absolutely amazing. After the first day when we almost cancelled the trip we calmed down. Walid, our guide played a major role unbeknownst to him.He just took us by storm. His knowledge and enthusiasm blew up our hanging sails and sailed us through the endless, complex […]


Sardine Run July 2019 Sardine Run 2021 from 20.6. to 25.7. 2021  Bookings now open 20.7. 2019 Sardine Run Day 35 Unfortunately today was blown out. We could not launch. This is a great pity because the rule says, do not miss your last day !!! But this is mother nature.This concludes our sardine run […]


Sardine Run June 2019 30.6. 2019 Sardine Run Day 15 Now i heard it all !!! Rumour has it that there are too many sardines so the predators are all full and just eat little bits by swimming past.Really ?So we did have a small and moving bait ball.We had everything and a huge slick […]


22.5. 2019While Beulah and i are battling the african jungle , the heavenly gates open on Protea Banks.Except for yesterday when the wind was blowing strong, the guys back home dived everyday.The vis has been between 20m and 25m and the sightings they are reporting are blowing me away.The manta we saw recently decided to […]


30.4. 2019Hectic times here. We have 31 divers and we are running…oh man !!!Up at 4h25 and now, while i am writing this, it is 22h00.Thankfully it is not always like this.The diving is great. We have amazing vis with 25m and still warm water at 24degThe last two days we had a tigershark on […]


28.3. 2019Lately the conditions improve a lot on Protea Banks. The spell seems to be broken and finally we see species like hammerheads, zambezies and even the odd guitar shark again.We did have some amazing encounters with individual hammerhead which came within a few short meters of us.And yesterday we got our long awaited break.To […]


17.2. 2019Back on the grindstone. I have been running around all week to sort out stuff.The worst was, that we took a wrong bag from the airport when we arrived on Tuesday. We got this bag full of second hand clothing from Susanne which we stuffed so full with additional stuff that it popped.So we […]


19.1. 2019Au man, we had amazing diving on Protea Banks.From 10.1. until 14.1. we had our scientist friends returning to continue with their hammerhead research and counting.Protea Banks delivered this time.The current came back with a vengeance and pumped a hectic 2.5 knots.Also the visibility became perfect at top to bottom 30m +The water temp […]