1.7. 2022 sardine Run Day 12 The Day of the Bait Balls !!! I was driving with the car to park my boat away in Shelly Beach when Spike phoned me. Oh shit, usually bad news if Spike phones. Not so today. He told me they were sitting on a 2 and a half hour bait ball. Hallelujah !!! Finally … Read More


30.6. 2022 Sardine Run Day 11 Things in the ocean are heating up. This is to say that the action is increasing big time now and the real sardine run is about to happen. As always whales, dolphins, gannets and cards. So far we just don’t seem to get the real bait balls yet. But by the looks of it, … Read More


5.4. 2022 Corona Incidence 16.1 It has been a long time since i last wrote. I simply have either no time or no energy…My life is a roller coaster ride, i never know if i am on top or upside down….but i will write more about this in good time. Lately we have been diving again pretty regularly on Protea … Read More