31.12. 2017To everybody who read my stories over the year and everybody who participates in one way or another in our crazy life :A heartfelt Thank You !!! Thank You for going the way with us.Our life is an adventure but so is every life. It all depends on how you look at it.A trip on the subway tube can … Read More


21.11. 2017We are really busy this time of the year. Got two full boats of divers, mainly from Germany, Holland and France. Half of the divers are repeat guests which is a great honour for us and Protea Banks. I just hope, the old lady of the sea bottom realises this and produces some spectacular adventures.Lately the diving has been … Read More


27.10. 2017Two divers arrived today and told me i haven’t posted anything for 2 weeks. I can’t believe how quick the time went. Shocking but true !!So we have been diving on Protea Banks again and loved it.On the Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks we still have between 25 and 40 Raggies. On the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks we … Read More


SeptemberWe are closed for holidays until 9.10.


23.8. 2017Nothing takes longer than waiting….but now, three beers and two GnTs later we are sitting in the sky en route to Dubai.This wasn’t easy. At the time we arrived at he airport we still didn’t have our passports. Our travelagent came to the airport and brought us the passports. Wow.,this is what one can call last minute !!!Yesterday Beulah … Read More


July – Sardine Run1.7. 2017 Day 7Finally we get the message we were waiting for : BAIT BALL !!!Nobody can imagine how happy this makes me to hear. It is like a huge weight was lifted off my back.Spike and his boat had several smaller Bait Balls and one larger one towards the end of the trip.A huge Brydes whale … Read More


30.6. 2017 Day 6 Similar activity as yesterday. This is what i can make out between several bad WhatsApp calls. The satellites are down today and communication is very difficult.Calls break up and often i don’t get the picture.At first i heard Beulah saying that they saw nothing today. I walked around with my heart in my pocket….oh my god….Then … Read More


30.5. 2017Thank heavens i could dive again today. Conditions were amazing. Perfect weather, no wind, slow current, clear visibility, flat sea and warm water @ 23CFirst dive was a Baited Dive. We had 2 Tigers swimming past, 21 Black Tips and 4 Zams.Afterwards we went to the Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks. What a dive !!!About a hundred Raggies were … Read More


30.4. 2017And it even got better. 30m vis3 Great Hammerheads70+ Scallopped Hammerheads10 Guitarsharks3 Zambezis5 Black tips1 TigersharkToday, sunday was almost the same. Except that me and the Tigershark were off today. I needed this day to get psyched up for next week. This will be the heaviest week of the year for us.We have 14 Japanese divers , 8 Russians … Read More


26.3. 2017Our Japanese divers have left . A happy group . They did not understand much of what we said, but always had a smile for us…even when we tore our hair out !!!They did what they wanted under water. In the beginning we tried to get some kind of discipline into the group but soon gave up and trusted … Read More