BOOT Show Duesseldorf 21.1. – 29.1. 2017We are getting ready for the famous BOOT Show in Germany soon.This year we will be situated at the far back wall of Hall 3, right behind TaucherNet.We will have a larger stand than usual with all new banners and unbelievable pictures.Our stand is shared with our friends Louis from ProDive, Port Elizabeth, Mike … Read More


27.11. 2016The weather has calmed down and we can plan normal again. But for the last ten day we had no current on Protea Banks. This makes the life of a divemaster rather difficult. Hardly any hammerheads and zams to be seen. And if we have cloud cover, we don’t even have the reference of the sun to tell us … Read More


30.10. 2016Five shark species in one dive. This is Protea BanksHammerheadsBullsharksBlack TipsRaggiesGuitar SharksAnd i am off today…one doesn’t understand the value of an off day… 29.10. 2016Ou man !!! Diving hasn’t been that good since we came back from our winter break. We have unbelievable conditions. Visibility of 30m and sharks everywhere. Hammerheads in their thousands. Even the divers who … Read More


SeptemberWe are on holiday from 1.9. until 21.9.


21.8. 2016We’re back home, basically just to change clothes and refuel… JJOur stay at the Kruger was out of this world. Leopards on almost every day. Even on our way out of the park we saw a leopard and a pack of lions. What a place !!!Afterwards we stayed at Pilgrims Rest for two days visiting Blyde River Canyon and … Read More


July – Sardine Run1.7. 2016Here we go !!! Best day of the Sardine Run 2016 so far. The guys have seen it all ,played directly in front of the Ocean View Hotel. Beulah and the staff could watch bait balls and activity from the veranda. Unbelievable !!!And the boats even better. They had a pinguin, a marlin, three different species … Read More


June – Sardine Run5.6. 2016We spent the last week in the Drakensberg. This is the most beautiful mountain area we have in South Africa. Absolutely amazing.The plan was to chill, sleep and get away from everything for a few days. The reality was that we were so hyped up from all the work that we ended up with a working … Read More


20.5. 2016Our rebreather week was a full success. We didn’t have a lot of rebreather divers here, but it was a start and a hell of a lot of fun.On the weekend our friends from Johannesburg joined us and during the week we shared a boat with the scuba divers.The conditions were more than excellent. Although we often had rough … Read More


27.4.2016Excellent diving today. We went to the Northern Pinnacles of Protea Banks on both dives and had 13 Raggies and a Tigershark on each dive. On the first dive we also had a Hammerhead coming really close and on the second dive it was a Zambezi which followed us all the way back to the boat.Visibility was 15m, water temp … Read More


26.3. 2016 Happy EasterWe are busy and thankfully the weather is playing along. It is hot and humid. There is no better place than under water at Protea Banks.Today we did a Baited Shark Dive and had 5 bull sharks and 3 black tip sharks. Vis was down to 15m.Although we have lots of divers, nobody seems to be overly … Read More