31.12.20152015 done !!! Unbelievable but true.We finished the year with some high end dives. Yesterday we had our first Tiger on the Baited Dive. 8 Bullsharks, 3 Black Tips and 4 Hammers. Our other boat which went on a normal reef dive on the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks had countless Hammerheads. Happy, happy.Today we only managed to get one … Read More


29.11. 2015Hard to believe it is 10 days later. I always wanted to write something on this website but was simply way too busy. We had /have lots and lots of divers. Everyday it is a fight against the wind. For the last three days we had picture book conditions Protea Banks. 25m-30m vis, 24C warm water and just the … Read More


31.10. 2015My boy Marley is still hanging in. He only eats a bit of liver spread after a lot of coaxing. needless to say that Beulah bought him the best liver spread in South Africa !!!Yesterday he ate a raw egg. We were so excited, had no words for this huge leap of faith. Today however, appetite is looking very … Read More


Important noticeWe have closed our dive operation for the month of September. This is the worst month of the year with windy, cold and wet weather conditions. Our harbour is closed more often than not due to adverse sea conditions.Beulah and i have taken this month time out on a far away island. Here we have limited internet access and … Read More


31.8. 2015So we got to Dubai. I must say, we hardly noticed that we were flying. Not like usual when we get shook up like a cocktail, this time there was an initial pull back and a bit of a push forward in the end. That was the flight. Beautiful.I watched one movie after the next and kept dozing off … Read More


July – Sardine Run1.7. 2015 Sardine Run Day 3Not a bad day today. The guys had lots of gannets and dolphins but the sardines were fast moving and no bait balls were seen today. They followed whales and got into the water with them. Some guests almost right up in touching distance. Nice calm sea and perfect weather, hardly any … Read More


June-Sardine Run1.6. 2015Gone is the month of May and in a flash we are halfway through 2015. Looks like are having fun and exciting times. So we can’t complain. Time flies.At the moment we have well needed break. This means that instead of having fun diving, we have to do real work. Real work are things like preparing for the … Read More


31.5. 2015They are all gone and left us alone again….our divers from the Sharkproject in Germany. It was a lovely time we had together. Lors of fun and lots of adventure.These guys learnt a thing or two about sharks. That’s for sure.The visibility corrected itself again and we had a nice 20m for the rest of the week. On the … Read More


28.4. 2015. The Raggies have arrived !!!Yesterday we had one of those Pay Back days. We dived the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks and saw hardly one black tip. No current, 12m vis, no fun !Today we had another bumper day.mwe decided ro dive the Northern Pinnacles of Protea Banks, knowing that there would be no current.masmwe got down we … Read More


29.3. 2015All is going well at African Dive Adventures. We are really busy and don’t stop.The weater has been good for diving, the visibility always between 20m and 30m and sharks everywhere. It reallyis epic diving on Protea Banks this time of the year.Our watertemp is lovely warm at 26C top half and fresh with 21C bottom half.We see pretty … Read More