31.12. 2014The year of diving Protea Banks ended today in a Faerie Tale. The weather was terrible but we had no wind. Rain pouring down all day, and not just a bit !!We were hoping for the old rule to kick in – Bad Weather, Good Diving.And it did so big time.As we got our to the Southern Pinnacle of … Read More


29.11. 2014We have a frosty 17C watertemp on Protea Banks at the moment. That hurts….The upside is that the water is crystal clear. Once we decend to the caves and see the Raggies , the pain is instantly gone. Although it is already late for the Raggy season, we still have 15 sharks in and around the caves and swimthrough.Zero … Read More


31.10. 2014The damn wind is tearing on our substance but we managed to get out pretty much every day. Yesterday on our Baited Shark Dive we had a tiger shark. This is just the best one can experience. Besides the big one we had 2 bull sharks, 20 duskys and 7 black tips. Despite low visibility and cold water the … Read More


30.9. 2014We have reached the last station of our epic journey. In Dubai now and spending the day shopping, eating, drinking, having a majestic shower and sleeping in heaven’s own bed at the Airport Hotel. We decided to take this break here to soften the stress of long journeys and i must say, it does work wonders.When we took off … Read More


29.8. 2014The wind blew properly half the night. I didn’t think we would be launching today but when i woke up at 6 this morning there were clear skies and calm seas. Not a breath of wind. Amazing. The wind blew from the SW while the sea rolled in from the NE and this equalised itself. A whole boat full … Read More


July Sardine Run1.7. 2014 Sardine RunPerfect weather and whales pure. The divers are absolutely happy. We have full on summer temperatures in Coffee Bay with 27C and warmer. In fact we would not mind at all if we get a proper cold fromt so the old sardines get a bit of a kick in the butt. But at this stage … Read More


June Sardine Run1.6. 2014Diving on Protea Banks is really nice these days. We have now our typical winter weather with warm days and cool nights, no wind, blue skies and flat sea. Absolutely magic.Below the surface we find about 23c water temperature in the first 15m going down to a chilly 19C on the bottom. Current is often reverse or … Read More


30.5. 2014I woke up this morning and was told it had been thirty years. Thirty years ?Yep. 30 years ago i was met by my good wife Beulah…wow so much time went by so quick. Oh,we did have a full thirty years, not many dull moments. Thinking back, it was an amazing time we spent together. We experienced enough to … Read More


27.4. 2014So i have been told we are going to a concert on sunday. Yeah, right, a concert. What would that be , i wonder ? Sure, at my age you have to slowly do the odd cultural thing….Where are we going , i ask Beulah ? Its called ROCK BOTTOMOh yeah, i like this kind of culture !!!! And … Read More


March29.3. 2014This is diving with tiger sharks. Blue water, warm 26C and tigers around us all the time. This dive started with 4 tigers. The first disappeared after a short while, the second tiger swam away after about 7 mins, the third stayed 25 mins and the last one stayed over 80 minutes wirth the divers.Beautiful. 27.3. 2014Finally after three … Read More