December27.12. 2013What a day we had diving on Protea Banks !! This time of the year we mostly choose the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks where we see lots and lots of hammerhead sharks. In order to maximise the dive we level off between 25 and 30m so we have more time at the level where most sharks move.Today we … Read More


November28.11. 2013Unmistakable, i am tired.We really shouldn’t have, but just despite of it, we ducked under the radar and went to the Drakensberg for a week. What an absolute pleasure to be in this peaceful paradise. The first two days we hiked enthusiastically for hours. Although the weather has taken a turn for the worse, we still enjoy sitting around … Read More


October30.10. 2013We had torrential rains for a couple of days and wind and more wind. No chance to get out for almost a full week now. At least the rain has stopped. Maybe tomorrow it will be better but definitely from Friday the weather is looking good again. Just in time too because we are getting busy in November. 26.10. … Read More


SeptemberTake advantage of the exchange rate. 35% cheaper holidays. 28.9. 2013Sardine Run 2014:Bookings for the Sardine Run 2014 are moving fast. We have one boat already fully booked and are planning to use a second boat. Two boats can go well together without creating a problem to each group. People who are interested in the Sardine Run next year should … Read More


August27.8. 2013We are still in the Kruger Park and loving it. going to make it a full 14 days. We can’t understand how anybody could get bored here !!! Everyday has a new highlight, no matter how bleak it may look in the beginning.While the windy season has started in Margate we all enjoy a our time in a different … Read More


July Sardine Run1.7. 2013Today is our first day with the German Group from Schoener Tauchen. We have 10 divers and the owner of the agency, Uwe.After breakfast we make our way to our new launch site. It is an idyllic river mouth just ten minutes from the hotel. Absolutely perfect. It is a great adventure to navigate this boat through … Read More


June Sardine Run3.6. 2013After more than a week on dry land we are set to continue diving Protea Banks again. Looks pretty busy this month. I am hoping the Raggies have finally arrived. Can’t wait to get to the caves. They are over a month late so far. Looks like big mother nature is doing her own thing this year…all … Read More


May25.5. 2013Dream weather here. No wind at all, warm to hot days, smooth sea and full on sunshine . Under water we have 20m vis, 23 C temp and our usual 2 kn current.We went to the caves yesterday and only had one lonely raggy . This has never happened as long as I can remember. Usually the Raggies arrive … Read More


April29.4. 2013Quick summary of this month:Our Mozambique Trip was magic. No, we did not get to see a manta nor a whale shark. But this is not the only reason one goes to Mozambique. The country is exciting, primitive but warm in climate as well as spirit.Barra Lodge is always the best place to be in Mozambique. Dom and his … Read More


March30.3. 2013. Happy Easter everyoneWe wish you all a very happy Easter time.We are pretty busy over here which is always a welcome thing. Weather could be better but the diving is really good. Specially the Baited Dives are doing it for people where the normal reef dives are not so great. Sometimes we see tigers and Zams on the … Read More