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Direct flight from Johannesburg to Margate from 1. November 2013
From 1.11. 2013 you can fly direct from JoBurg domestic departures to Margate airport. The cost is under ZAR 1500 one way and well worth the extra penny. Travellers can rent a car at the Margate airport or we can collect them free of charge.

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South African Airways’ additional 20kg Diving Equipment allowance lets you take your diving equipment without the worry of excess baggage charges!
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Travelling safely in South Africa
As is typical, only bad news sells well all over the world. So it happens that South Africa is fast becoming the most feared country when it comes to crime.
No doubt, the crime is rife here and like everywhere else in the world, visitors need to be conscious about this. There is no need to be scared or paranoid about the crime rate and there's certainly no need to miss out on an unbelievable South African experience by not even coming here. All the visitor must do is to be a little careful and use common sense.

Some helpful do's and don'ts:

· don't walk around in badly lit areas at night.
· do drive whenever and wherever possible.
· don't go to remote beaches on your own, loaded with valuables.
· do go to public beaches and bring only what you need.
· do ask an official to watch your valuables while you are in the water.
· don't leave valuables openly in your car.
· do put your valuables in your boot or cover them with a towel.
· don't stop your car in a remote area or at night, for no reason at all.
· do stop at a safe area like a petrol station etc.
· don't help anybody at night or in a remote area, no matter what the reason.
· don't leave your belongings unattended.
· do put your belongings inside whenever you leave your accommodation.
· don't take more money and jewellery than you really need.
· do lock your money, ticket, jewellery and passport in a safe wherever possible.
Travelling in South Africa
Many visitors to South Africa have never been here and don't know anybody in the country.
Many people have no idea what South Africa is like and how easy travelling here really is.
So to be safe and to make their trip comfortable, they book with one of the countless touroperators they can find on the internet. Unfortunately, there are many bogus touroperators who use the easy access of the internet to get rich quickly. Many tourists are caught paying horrendous prices for substandard services.

It's important to do one's home work. !!!!!

The internet offers endless possibilities to compare prices and products. If a traveller knows more or less what he wants to do in South Africa, he can plan his own trip very easily by contacting the respective service provider via email and make his booking.
Once you have planned your route and made your bookings for your accommodation and activities, you rent a car which you pick up at the airport. Drive during the day and be at your accommodation at night and no harm will come to you.
You can organise your own trip for a lot less money and a lot more freedom and fun.
Busy times in South Africa are always the times during the Transvaal or Gauteng School Holidays. During these days accommodation prices rise dramatically and bookings should be made well in advance.
Outside the Gauteng School Holidays accommodation is pretty much readily available.
Our roads are better than First World quality, they are in excellent condition, wide, straight and seldom very busy with traffic. Everybody in South Africa speaks English, many speak German and, a whole new experience for Europeans, South Africans are friendly and helpful and have impeccable manners. Every visitor is treated like a king! Check it out!

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