We are back in South Africa for a week now and got most of the ducks back in the row.
In general we are on our winter break. August, September and October are traditionally our quiet months. We are so looking forward to this magic, stress free time when we can be normal for a change.
I had to check my logbook and found that I did my second last dive on 28 June and my last dive on 18. July. This was mainly due to Sardine run staff shortages where I was driving the boat everyday. Afterwards I got My Arm bitten by my fighting dogs and could not go in the water. Then my father was diving and I had to rush back to Germany .
So when we got these two French divers whose booking I confirmed some time ago we took the opportunity and made it a staff outing.
We all were so, so keen in diving. Almost were jumping up and down in anticipation.
Yesterday and today we had really great weather, flat ocean and all round excellent conditions.
On our baited dive we saw 10 black tips, one bull shark, one dusky and about 100 Hammerheads.
Vis is the typical 15m, water had 21C, air 27C.
On the second dive we went to the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks and had again lots of black tips and about 150 hammerheads.
Today I could not go out with the guys and as is always the case, the diving was a cracker.
On the baited dive Steve reports several thousand hammerheads !!!!!
Second dive on the Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks they had about 20 Raggies.
And tomorrow our holiday continues.....
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