June - Sardine Run

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8.6. 2018
A hugely exciting day today. We got our new boat. What a lovely boat it is. This makes it our number 4
This time we decided to go for 4 stroke motors. They are a lot more fuel effective, should use half the juice and no two stroke oil.
We took it for a spin, Mark,me, Spike and Steven.
You are supposed to drive very slowly for the first ten hours . No more than 3000rpm
After fifteen minutes i wanted to know it. It was just too itchy to ignore.
Sticks forward than off she flies. Hell, we almost got thrown off board. This boat is as fast as a torpedo. Lovely. Tomorrow will be the first dive done on the new boat.
Paddle Out For Sharks
In line with World Ocean Day ( which is today ) we are organising the yearly Paddle Out For Sharks event. Beulah, Carrie, John and Steve worked really hard to organise this event properly. They have advertised everywhere free boat trips and a whole lot of infotainment for everybody.
At around 7h30 we will launch a number of boats and gather offshore Shelly Beach. We will be joined by Heather;s surfers and will do a little speech about the importance and the plight of sharks in our oceans.
Thereafter more boat trips, motorbike rides, presents for the kids and a whole lot of fun

© copyright by African Dive Adventures
© copyright by African Dive Adventures
© copyright by African Dive Adventures
5.6. 2018
It is that time of the year again when we go out looking for adventure. Yes, the Sardine Run is about to happen.
We had a few days break and used the time to take 2 boats down to Coffee Bay.
Adventure caught up with us very quickly....
We left our warm and cosy homes at an ungodly hour of 03h00 on sunday morning.
Two Vehicles and two boats. Spike, Steve and i
After barely 45km my left trailer wheel blew.
It was damn freezing on the way to Harding, Kokstadt. Pitch dark and 7˚
With a bit of an effort we managed to change the tyre and just as we had the new one on, it's valve shot out.
No way to fix this, we have to use our second spare wheel. This was done a bit faster as we were pretty well experienced by then.
We had Spike's 1963 trolley jack which was a bit tired and couldn't hold it up for too long. ED, they call it.
Steve, the youngest had to pump that jack and got himself a sweat of note ..in 7˚...
After an hour we were good again and on our way south.
By now i was traumatised of course. Blowing a tyre is not fun. On the radio there was an add at this very same time saying that if you blow out a tyre it could have all consequences and could be really dangerous.
This added to my stress and anxiety.
Suddenly i hear screeching noises like hell. I am finished with my nerves and realise, it was part of the damn radio advert....Maybe my radio was too loud ? It sounded so real.
Just as i settle in and get my confidence back, my car feels wrong again.
Mayday, mayday, mayday i shout into the radio which connects me with the other car.
My second wheel blew. This time the right side.
The tyre is completely shredded.
Just as the sun is coming up we are mounting the third and last spare wheel. In fact, we take the Prado's spare wheel which is bigger than the normal trailer wheel. But this is not a problem. Just looks a bit odddd.
And off we go. By now i am seriously traumatised and on edge all the way.
The terrain is getting more hilly around Kokstadt. Long uphills slow us down and long downhills require our full concentration.
Suddenly i smell something burning. It must be my car. This is an almost new Toyota Double Cab 4x4 vehicle. It was just at the service.
I am to a breaker, in fact when i drive i only break it absolutely necessary. Drive accordingly of course. So even with a heavy load, i try to keep off the breaks as long as possible.
But somehow i managed to get my break drums glowing. I can be lucky nothing caught real fire.
Who says it's boring to play games in Africa !!!
The last stretch we dodged potholes and then we entered the downhill into Coffee Bay.
What a lovely place it is. The town itself is a disaster, no doubt. But the Ocean View Hotel, our base for the next month is simply magic.
We park the boats , off load all the equipment we brought with us and made ourselves comfortable.
The next day we looked at the launch site and the landing strip for our spotter plane.
Our launch site changes every year due to masses of water which flows down this river into the sea. Rocks get moved and sand gets shifted.
We realise that we will not be able to get a boat into the water without a tractor....
This is a hectic realisation. Last year we hired a Unimog who launched and pulled our boats in and out of the water. This lovely person decided to let us down this year. And we got something like 3 weeks notice.
Now the stress has really kicked in.
Where the hell will we find a decent tractor at a decent price. We phone and search the internet. We eat, sleep, drink and dream "tractor"
On Tuesday we drove back home and now the challenge is on....

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