© copyright by African Dive Adventures
© copyright by African Dive Adventures
13.4. 2018
Maybe it is Friday the 13th or something else. The diving on Protea baks has been terrible in terms of shark sightings. The reef is almost empty of sharks and fish. We do get these periods when the fish disappears for a while and with them the sharks. Its all about the food-chain, i guess.
But right now we are supposed to have our tiger shark season and we are in fact struggling to see even a solitary black tip.
Our first dive on Playground was crowned by this very solitary black tip. Zero else.
South Pinnacle on the second launch yielded not a single shark sighting.
We have a couple of great photographers with us at the moment and we really do need this damn reef to show itself from its better side.
At least the current is pointing in the right direction again after going reverse for the last two days. So hopefully it will all come right soon now.
The launch today was shocking. A fishing boat before us was lucky to survive. Four crew members were flung out of the boat and the last remaining fisherman managed to get the boat out into the open ocean.
We were fine but we know our place well.
As i am writing this i suddenly hear the sea thundering heavily. The waves must be horrendous...
We will see what happens tomorrow.

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