8.8. 2017
It is chill time. I have waited for this time of the year for long. So happy it is finally here. Today we had seaworthy survey of two of our boats and this weekend we are doing a couple of dives. Thereafter the wheels will come off and the batteries taken out. I am even considering closing the shop until October.
The wind blows from any old direction just as it is supposed to do during the windy season Aug - Oct. The sea is always rough with swells never less than 3m
There is no better place than my room on top of the roof. I love this place. Cosy and warm and i can see right over the entire ocean. Magic !!!
When i finished reading " The Elephant Whisperer " i was hooked onto Lawrence Anthony. This man was ( unfortunately ) a hero. He did not simply talk about concservation and the urgent need for it, he did it !!!
He loved all animals and he had a most healthy attitide towards nature. Anthony knew what we all are up against.....
I took his second book " Babylon's Arc " where he described how he went to rescue the animals of the Baghdad zoo in wartorn Irak.
I could not put this book down. And really, i am not the world's greatest reader.
anthony speaks from my soul and contrary to me and most other people, he gets up and does something about it !!!
To me, this man was second to only Mother Theresa !!!
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Let's go, it's doggie time now !!!
2.8. 2017
It is chill time here at African Dive Adventures.
We still have all hands full doing what needs to get done such as greasing, having all propellors repaired which were bent over the months, getting 2 boats ready for seaworthy survey next week, organising visa for Indonesia, claiming for my lost drone and choosing a new one, picking up new blinds for the windows and a thousand other jobs.
Sometimes i think, it is easier to go least i get a nice break under water...
Then we have to answer tons of e-mails. So many people want to come last minute. Always one or maximum two divers. And they want to do one dive on Protea Banks.
Sorry guys. Life does not work like that. We are in our quiet period which we need badly. No way will we fire up a boat for one or two people for one day only...not feasible.
We have a few more days coming up mid August and then we are shutting down until October.

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