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31.10. 2012
Although all eyes were on America's Hurricane, we also had our share of very strong winds. Lucky we did not suffer any damages, only exciting, wild seas and rain galore.
October is finished. The first half was amazing with humpback whales and hundreds of hammerheads, lots of raggies and good conditions. Baiting wasn't the greatest so we concentrated on normal dives. Second half of October was more about strong winds and lots of rain. Lucky we did not loose too much business but could enjoy watching extreme weather conditions. Looking forward to a great November.
28.10. 2012
Yesterday marked the end of a busy October for us. Unfortunately the last dive was not much to write about. 15m vis and no sharks at all. But such dives just tell us that it is all still natural. And when we have a great dive again we really know how to appreciate it. Bit of a break for a couple of days. Just as well because the weather forecast for next week is bleak...see "Travelinfo and Weather" on this website. Everything shaded blue is good. Green is windy, orange is hektic and red is crazy !!!
In the meantime we are busy renovating our backpacker's apartment. Should be finished soon and will be pictured on this website. It will be a very sweet little flat at the back of the Diver Villa especially suited for the low budget traveller.
24.10. 2012
Horrible weather today, rain and cold but little wind so we could dive all day.
On the way out the water changed from cold and green to warm and blue. Spirits were up right away. We felt the warmth coming off the water which was warmer than the air. On the reef we kitted up and dropped from hell straight into heaven !!
25m vis greeted us and an ocean full of hammerheads. I estimated somwhere between 300 and 500 hammers. We saw 8 Guitarsharks, 3 Black Tips and a large school of Barracudas. Stayed 50 mins. Stunning. Up on top - more rain and cold...
Second dive was Baited. 2 Black Tips stayed for 80 mins. Came really close to us. Sweet dive, in the good visibility...
23.10. 2012
My first day back on the boat after by trouble with my back and of course the sea is rough like hell !!! The wind was pumping a good 25kn, sunny weather, temp 21C, vis 8m and a very light current. Sounds all pretty average but what we saw was all but average :
+- 400 hammerheads - distant alright but there - a large school of barracudas, 3 black tips and 1 guitarshark. Great dive despite the low vis. On the way back we watched a couple of humpbacks breach and ploughed our way back through large waves. We called it a day after the first launch. Good one.
20.10. 2012
Shark numbers went down in the last couple of days. On two dives to the Southern Pinnacles of Protea Banks divers saw no sharks at all. Also the Raggies on the Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks have declined in numbers. It is however quite normal for the sharks to move around, numbers declining and swelling.
Yesterday on the Baited Dive the divers had a Tiger Shark on the bait.
This morning South => 120 Hammerheads, 1 x Great Hammerhead, 1 x Raggy and a school of Barracudas. Vis 12m
Weather is overcast with rain, watertemp 21C, no wind and current about 1.5kn
16.10. 2012
Finally we have our current back !!! 2 Knots of proper pull will clean up the visibility by tomorrow. Today we were supposed to be blown out by a huge west but this morning not a single leaf moved. So we went diving. The guys went to the Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks where the watertemp deep down was still very cold at 18C compared to the midwater temp 22C. They counted 26 Raggies.
Old Tony from Oz ( !!! ) filmed his heart out with his GoPro and thought he got the best footage ever....until he realised that he never took his lenscap off...!!!
That's why we rather stay in South Africa !!!
14.10. 2012
Protea Banks Southern Pinnacle : 50 hammerheads and 8 duskys. Weather is perfect..vis 18m
13.10. 2012
Much better today. The Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks was pretty cold at 18C on the bottom but the vis has improved to 12m. 36 Raggies were counted. Not bad at all. Perfect weather, stunning day today !!
12.10. 2012
It can't always be perfect and we actually don't mind if we have a bad day every now and then. This just means that Mother Nature is still working !!!
Bad vis at 6m, weather overcast, temp 19C - 22C, current starting up slowly.
No shark in sight....
Days like this make us appreciate the good days. Life must be like that.....
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No worries, i'm fine...
11.10. 2012
After two windy days we are glad to carry on diving again today. The guys went South first - weather overcast, no wind at all, current light reverse, temp 19C - 21C and vis pretty poor at 8m Still good diving. They saw 1 x tiger shark, 2 x hammerheads, 4 x duskys, 3 x zambezis, 1 x black tip
Second dive on the Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks: 38 x raggies, 2 x duskys, 1 x black tip , 1 x zambezi
I am feeling a lot better and will be fully in action again after next week. Driving me nuts to sit around...

7.10. 2012
The week ends with another two fantastic dives. Weather is overcast with rain,visibility 12m,current slight reverse and temp 20C
Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks : 2 great hammerheads, 1 scalloped hammerhead, 2 zams, 1 black tip, 1 raggy and a school of dolphins on the safety stop.
Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks: 62 raggies, 20 hammerheads, 1 tiger, 3 bulls, 3 black tips and 1 dusky.
What a week this was !!! Tomorrow we are off and the following couple of days looks pretty windy here.
6.10. 2012
Usually i write about 2-3 reports a week but lately the dives have been so outstanding that i am forced to report almost daily.
Today first dive : Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks. Vis 15m temp 20C, weather overcast. Sightings : 150 hammerheads, 1 oceanic white tip ( first time on Protea Banks ), 4 duskys, 1 black tip, 3 raggies, 1 zam and 1 humpback whale circled the divers during their entire safety stop.
Second dive : Northern Pinnacle of Protea Banks. 57 raggies, 1 zam, 3 black tips and 3 humpback whales passed under the divers while on the safety stop.
These are unusually good conditions at the moment. Divers who are here right now are privileged. That's for sure !!!!
© copyright by Dr.Stephan Popp
There are 50 hammerheads in this picture !!!!
5.10. 2012
While i am doomed to doctor's orders JP and Gregg are having the best dives of the season. Today's report goes as follows : vis. 20m, temp 22C, current 0, weather overcast with rain. First dive on Protea Banks - 100+ hammerheads, 3 zams, 1 tiger, 8 duskys, 4 raggies, 1 eagleray, 1 ribbontailray and 1 manta.
Second dive on Protea Banks - 150 scalloped hammers, 1 great hammer, 2 guitarsharks, 1 black tip, 1 raggie, 1 manta. And breaching whales everywhere.
This means that in one day the divers have seen 8 different species of sharks and 3 different species of rays. Those who experience this will never forget it....

4.10. 2012
I was having some problems with my back lately which ended with a bang in the hospital. Had so much pain that i couldn't stand or sit anymore. A cat scan, which was another story ( couldn't get into that pressure cooker unless knocke out ) revealed some wear and tear on the discs. This resulted in a doctor imposed ban on boating activity for the next 6 weeks... Damn.
Meantime Jp and Gregg are having the times of their lives on Protea Banks. Today they had a humpback whale which swan with them for over five minutes. Apparently the whale kept coming down to the divers from all sides. The guys were screaming like i did two days ago. Only my screams were because of back pain and theirs because of sheer excitement.
Nobody mentioned all the sharks they saw. Oh yes, and the 13 eagle rays.....
1.10. 2012
First of October and it started with a bang. What a dive day we had on Protea Banks.!!!
In the morning i asked my divers : would you like to see 100 hammerheads or rather 100 sandtigers? The guys laughed and thought this can't be serious. In fact i was dead serious.!!! So we decided to look for the hammers and found the following : 20m vis, 21C, no current, hot and sunny day. 400 hammerheads !!! 1 tiger, 2 zambezis, 1 dusky and 2 black tips. How cool is that ? !!!
Next dive to the north for the raggies. I counted 95 but saw quite some more. So let's call it over 100 raggies, 3 zambezis and 3 black tips.
Needless to say that we had one happy crowd of divers..
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