End of September 2012
Here are the dates for our Mozambique Trips :
8.4.-22.4. 2013
10.5.-24.5. 2013
The trips are 15 days. First day is the arrival day, then 7 days in Mozambique, 2 days in Swaziland, 4 days in Shelly Beach and last day is the departure day.
The main aims of this trip are :
Mozambique: whalesharks and mantas, Swaziland : the big 5 , Shelly Beach tiger sharks and bull sharks on Protea Banks.
Cost per person R. 24500.-
If all goes exactly according to plan, this trip will be a milestone in every participant's life !!!
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30.9. 2012
Picturebook day today, sunny, no wind ,21C and no current. We had Durban Underwater World with us this weekend and our loyal friend Stephan Popp for the third time. I am particularly happy to have Dean Channon back on Protea Banks with us as we have known each other since 1998 and somehow lost contact.
Protea Banks was as happy as i was and delivered properly.
Vis 15m, Temp 21C, No Current. 78 Raggies in and around the caves.
Second dive we had 120 Hammerheads but unfortunately most divers did not see them....
A reason to come back.
28.9. 2012
Protea North , 12m vis, 21C, rain, no current
46 Raggies ( counted !! ) 2 Black Tips
25.9. 2012
First dive at the Caves : 11 Raggies, 20 Duskies and 12 Black Tips Magic.
Second dive south : 43 Duskies and 4 Black Tips
Vis 20m bottom half of the sea and 10m top half. No current, no wind. Stunning weather, sunny and warm as usual...!!!
24.9. 2012
Long weekend with Monday a public holiday. Weather not too windy and lots of divers about. Thank god, the hybernation time is coming to an end.
We were looking for hammerheads because we saw schools of around 50 pretty regularly in the last few days.
So off we go to the Southern Pinnacle of Protea Banks. Untypically we saw absolutely nothing for a whopping 28 minutes. Then a black tip came very close and i thought, alright, better than nothing. Suddenly, as we were all straining to see the black tip disappearing the sea exploded !!!! Duskies and more Duskies just kept coming towards us. I counted 22, 23, 27, 29 and then another 29 and more. Amongst the duskies there were 2 hammerheads and maybe 4 more black tips. I have never in all the 15 years of diving Protea Banks seen so many duskies. It must have been more than 80 animals. This is a huge priviledge as this species has been decimated by the Sharks Board's gill nets over the years. We maybe see one or two on a dive during winter. So its a big thing !!!
But it does not end here: Suddenly i see this funny looking reef growth below me and think, where on the reef is this ? Then i realise, i am already too shallow to even see the reef ......then it dawns....
Yes we were diving within less than 5m from a humpback whale- mother with calf. And the whales were completely chilled with us and swam right under the divers in perfect view of everybody....
What a fitting HERITAGE DAY we had !!!!!
22.9. 2012
Its long weekend here in South Africa and we have plenty of divers with us. Thanks to the recent expo in Johannesburg we had 4 boats going out today.
Visibility was about 8m and watertemp 21C. On my Baited Shark Dive we had 5 Black Tips, 1 Zambezi and 1 Dusky. Sharks came close to the divers which made for excellent footage.
After 12h00 the wind freshened up and the sea got slightly rough but we went out again and found the visibility at the bottom half of the sea had already changed to about 15m and even 20m. We had a lovely school of about 50 hammerheads going right over us. Stunning sight this was. A huge Zambezi checked us out and the whales never stopped singing. On our way back we had lots of whale activity such as breaches, spy hopping and rolling at the surface.
20.9. 2012
This is the windy season and September is really the worst month in the year. Many days are blown out but yesterday we managed to dive the Northern Caves, my favourite divesite. Although we did not see any Raggies which is most unusual we were pleasantly surprised by 5 Hammerheads, 2 Zambezis and 7 Black Tips. 20m visibility and 21C watertemp made for an excellent dive.
Busy weekend ahead with monday being a public holiday. All boats full, a lot of it thanks to the recent dive show in JoBurg.
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13.9. 2012
We are enjoying the beauty of Verlorenkloof's nature. We sleep late, read a lot and do the odd hike in the mountains. There are waterfalls everywhere. Absolute paradise.
Today we were going to hike all the way deep into the mountain through the mysterious ghost forrest to the wreck of an airoplane which crashed into the cliff face in 1963. It was intriguing. wow. But after going up and up and more up we eventually got stuck and ran out of time. This is typical for us...But we enjoyed every minute of the way. When we finally returned home we just collapsed near the fridge.....

10.9. 2012
We are finished with this year's dive show in Johannesburg. It was good for us altough nothing compared to the Duesseldorf BOOT . But to meet and remind our South African divers who and where we are, this expo is an excellent platform.
Now we spend the week in the country and the Krueger Park before returning home to get ready for business.
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6.9. 2012
We are in JoBurg now and are dealing with the most rerrible weather conditions for a long time. All along the way it was raining and all night yesterday it was pouring like hell. Today we set up our stand at the National Boat Show. The rainwas coming down so hard that we could hardly talk in the hall. Hail was laying about 15cm thick. Crazy. Now we are sitting around the heater hoping it will warm up soon.
JP dived yesterday. He had 15m vis and 9 Black Tips on the North side. Second dive they went south and saw a Tiger !!! Plus two Zams. He was one happy divemaster afterwards ~
1. 9. 2012
Today the wind has blown us out. Typical for this time of the year.
But yesterday we had some stunning dives.
First dive to Northern Pinnacles. We dived both caves in 30m visibility and a gentle less than one knot current. Watertemp was 21C. It was a most enjoyable dive although we only saw a few Black Tips.
Then we did a Baited Dive. Again the good vis prevailed. The divers were down for just over an hour and shared their space with 9 Black Tips, 1 Dusky and 2 Zambezis.
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